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Credit farming methods?

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Adachi's AvatarAdachi
Adachi's Avatar
This is kind of an open question, so I thought it'd fit better here as opposed to the help/faq forum. I'm a returning player that was more active in 2017-18, and so I've kind of forgotten a lot of the mechanic nuances of the site. Basically, I'm curious on good methods for obtaining credits. Trying to reach Arceus rank, I realized I need to fuse a few pokes, but man, that's expensive! I've already used the large sum of credits newer players get once completing some easier quests AGES ago.. so for now, I'm at a loss on where to begin even accumulating credits. I know they add up over time per interaction, but the amount is so minimal that it feels like there must be a better way to do this that I'm just missing (or have totally forgotten about). TLDR; What are your preffered methods of farming credits?
skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
For me, the easiest ways to get credits are: trading GP/ZC for other players' credits, selling valuable items like summons on the market, trading shiny/albino/melans for other players' credits, auto-selling all the extra evo items you probably don't need, buying more Albino Radars and auto-selling then (125k each). I hope this helped :D
aphxie's Avataraphxie
aphxie's Avatar
currently credit farming for ultra beast stuff using box boxes! its def a slow method but if you have 3 scour slots and all possible boosts you can accumulate enough for a boxbox before u know it :] box boxes will typically sell pretty fast on the market & market price is normally around 600kcr, so the price point totally makes up for the slowness. i try and sell a few box boxes in between dusky days and then order multiple nihilego eggs from the supplier while dusky's discount is active so i can get that sweet sweet multi order discount lol

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