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The Search for Evolution

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CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Main Characters: Crystal the female Eevee Starlight the female Eevee Ripple the male Eevee Blaze the male Eevee Introduction/Prologue: "Mom! Can I please have the Evolution handbook!" Shouted Crystal the Eevee. Her mother, Daisy the Leafeon, sternly shook her head. "No, Crystal. The handbook is a record. You must discover your evolution yourself" Daisy explained. Crystal's father, Dusk the Umbreon, walked into the room, hearing his family's conversation. "Crystal, why not go on a quest? A quest where you try to discover evolution?" Dusk couldn't help but suggest. "Dusk, isn't Crystal still too young?" Daisy asked, worried for her daughter. "Of course not! I went on a quest too, and I was two years younger than her! Crystal's six already!" Dusk smiled. Crystal bounced excitedly. "I want to go!" Crystal pleaded. Daisy paused for a moment, considering. The she nodded. "Of course. Take a few more of your fellow Eevees, too." Laughing, Crystal bounced out of their small house to find her best friends, Starlight, Ripple, and Blaze. What will the four young Eevees find on their quest for evolution? Find out in the next update.
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Lv. 24 — 804 / 1,801
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Bitter food
Happiness MAX
Sassy nature
CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Chapter 1: The Flame Blaze the Eevee's friend, Crystal, had invited him on a quest for evolution. He had been devastated that his older brother Thunder had refused, but his best friend Ripple had agreed. Blaze was currently lying beside his fireplace. The flame whispered soothingly in his ears, as warm ash splattered from the flame. "How can anyone not love this..?" Blaze whispered to himself, his bushy Eevee tail flopped beside him. "Blaze? Hurry up!" Starlight, another one of the adventurers shouted at Blaze's door. Thunder woke Blaze from his daydream and said goodbye. "Bye Blaze!" Thunder said. "Bye, bro." Blaze replied, and turned around. A thought hit him. He turned back. Thunder was gone, so, ever so quiet, Blaze whispered, "I will come back, my dear flame. I will be back, and I will be a flame too." Leaving the warm, cracking, flame behind, Blaze pushed open his door. Starlight was gracefully sitting there, her expression excited and annoyed. Crystal was excited, but kept calm. Ripple was calm through and through except for his tail whipping onto the grassy ground. "Let's go!" Crystal smiled, trotting off. Ripple followed, and Blaze followed with Starlight. "Hey, Blaze?" He heard Starlight's cool voice "Yeah?" He replied, surprised that Starlight was talking to him without annoyance for once. "I... I wish Sunlight came along... and Leaf... and Ribbon..." Blaze knew why Starlight told him. His brother Thunder didn't come. Her brother Sunlight didn't come. And the flame couldn't come. "I wish Thunder came. But they'll all be proud when we come back. Especially..." he whispered the last part, not sure if Starlight heard or not. "The Flame."
CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Chapter 2 A Vision of Death Sunlight sighed. His stupid little sister Starlight had went on a quest to evolve. He had to admit, he was worried. Sunlight decided to go to sleep. Sometimes, he recieves visionlike dreams. Trotting out of the shade of his cottage and into the sun, Sunlight lied down and closed his eyes... .............. "We're finally here. Evolution Village." A Dragapult said to his team of Dragon Types. "But Drake, a whole group of them just left here a few hours ago. We need to wipe out all of them in one blow, you said." A Flygon replied, her expression calm unlike Drake. "Shut up, Stream. I bet you're just scared." A Dragonite mocked the Flygon. "Destruction, Stream, stop squabbling. Of course, I'm sure you would win if we had time, Destruction." A Dragonair, the mate of the Dragonite, scolded. "Now, now, the escapers are just Eevee cubs. They're harmless. Now, Dragon Shadows, we must hurry and find shelter before sunrise, or my invisibility will wear off." Drake reminded his team- the Dragon Shadows. "We will attack at sunset." .............. "GYAHHHHH!" Sunlight screamed, jerking up from his dream, or rather, vision. The passing Pokemon- mostly Eevees and Eeveelutions, looked at him with pity or annoyance. Sunlight's best friend, Leaf the Eevee, approached him, worried. "You okay, Sun?" He asked. "I-i-i... Believe me, the village is in danger." He whispered, before glowing white. The glowing shape changed, before the light faded. In front of the crowd was no longer an Eevee, but and Espeon. "Now, we must place defences. I believe Sunlight, so we must protect Evolution Village from any danger." The village head, Dust the Ampharos, announced. What will the Dragon Shadows do? What will the village do to stop them? And what is happening with the adventures? Find out in the next chapter.
CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Chapter 3 Moss and Rocks Leaf hummed a gentle tune as he did his chores. His mother, Red the Flareon, approached him. "Leaf! Sunlight wanted to see you." She smiled. Nodding, Leaf walked out the door and found Sunlight sitting on the grass, his thin, purple thumping impatiently. "Whats up, Sunli-" Leaf started, only to be abruptly cut off. "Listen, Leaf. I recieved another vision. The defences are useless. You need to help me." ............................................................. Leaf was now following his Espeon friend through the forest. "We're almost there. Their base should be... what? No! It's the wrong pla- AGH!" Sunlight yelled, as a Dracovish leaped out and bit at her. Sunlight quickly retaliated with Psychic, throwing the Dracovish- Tail- back. "Fool!" Tail hissed, unleashing a dragon pulse. Sunlight used a Moonblast, attempting to counter. Unfortunately, Sunlight was hit head-on with the Dragon Pulse, and the Moonblast missed. Still being recently evolved, Sunlight fainted. The Dracovish turned on Leaf. "So, you're next?" He whispered cruelly. Opening his mouth, he prepared another incredibly strong Dragon Pulse. And it flew towards Leaf. Quickly, he turned and ran. The dragon pulse was gaining on him. Before he rammed into a rock. It was covered in moss. Leaf glowed white, before evolving. Into Leafeon. With a hiss, he whipped around and gathered a Leaf Blade, running towards the dragon pulse, shattering it. Continuing, Leaf slashed Tail with a few strong slashes. What will happen next? Find out in the next update.
CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Chapter 4 Blood Ties Starlight was currently following Blaze, Ripple, and Crystal as they searched an incredibly hot volcano. Blaze had asked to search for a Fire Stone. Suddenly, Starlight felt light and dizzy. Before she could realize, she had fainted. .......................................... A familiar Espeon was currently lying in Angel the Chansey's hospital. A Leafeon was beside him, his ears twitching with worry. "Sunlight Sunlight Sunlight...." the Leafeon whispered. So the Espeon was Starlight's brother, Sunlight. Angel returned with some Oran Berries and a variety of other medications. Gently, tha village nurse squeezed the berries to creat a recovery juice. The Leafeon held Sunlight's mouth open as Angel dropped the juice in his mouth. ........... "WHOAH!" Starlight exclaimed, jerking up. Blaze was worriedly sitting beside her. Crystal was holding some Oran Berries, and Ripple was looking at her with fear. "I-i'm fine... it was a... vision. Of Sunlight." Starlight stammered. Then it hit her. The village was in danger. Sorry for the short chapter! What will Starlight decide? Find out in the next update!
CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Chapter 5 Stranded "No! No, Star!" Crystal shouted. Starlight had asked to return to the village. "I- I thought you would care more..." Blaze muttered. While they argued, they trekked on. Before anyone could realize, they were on a snowy mountain. "Brr... it's too cold for me!" Ripple complained. Suddenly, a gust of icy wind hit the group. "A blizzard!" Crystal screamed at the top of her lungs, her brown fur puffing up. In a hurry, the group scattered, running for shelter. Just as Crystal was about to find shelter too, an incredibly strong gust hit her. "Eeeeeeee!" She yelled, falling back. Unable to stand the cold and pain anymore, she blacked out. ...................................................................... "A-re you okay?" An unfamiliar voice asked. Crystal shot up. A small Cubchoo and a large female Beartic- her mother, was standing in front of Crystal. Somehow, it wasn't old anymore... and the two bears looked smaller than usual. "Oh, right... sorry, I had to drag you to the icy rock... or you'll die! Sorry!" The Cubchoo blurted. "WHAT!?" Crystal yelled, her eyes widening. She looked down at her fur, to find blue fur instead of the usual brown. "S-s-sor-sorry!" The Cubchoo whimpered. The Beartic looked apologetically at Crystal. "No! It's fine. I've always wanted to... evolve." Crystal smiled. "Anyways, I'm Crystal the Eev- Glaceon." "I'm Sneeze!" The Cubchoo smiled. What's happening in the village? With the others? Find out in the next update.
CinderGlaceon's AvatarCinderGlaceon
CinderGlaceon's Avatar
Chapter 6 Searching "I need to find my friends." Crystal whispered. "Oh... are your friends, by any chance, two best-friend male Eevees and a cold female?" The Beartic, Snowstormer, asked. "Yeah, how did you know?" Crystal asked, subconsciously shaking her new, blue tail. "Mommy beat them up because she though they were kidnapping you." Sneeze whimpered, giving her mother a small glare. Crystal followed Snowstormer's gaze to see a lump of brown laying on the cave ground. Sneeze ran over and dragged a chunk off- Blaze. "C-crystal?" He muttered, his eyes halfway opening. Sneeze went ahead and dragged frozen solid Starlight and Ripple to Blaze's left and right respectively. Snowstormer handed Crystal some berries with a smile of apology. As Blaze kept on muttering, Crystal stuffed an Oran Berry in his mouth and Ripple's, and some Aspear mash into solid, cold, Starlight. Starlight gave an angry yip as she defrosted, only to get batted away by Snowstormer. "You can trust Snowstormer and Sneeze, Star." Crystal added before Starlight could attack again. Starlight sighed, and sat beside a now waking up Blaze. "Sure, sure, Crystal the Glaceon."

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