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Evolving Rockruff

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rabbitlover12's Avatarrabbitlover12
rabbitlover12's Avatar
I tried to evolve my rockruff (https://pokefarm.com/summary/q9ZbV) into dusk form, since it is dusk and he has high happiness, but all that it will evolve into is the midnight form. Am I missing a step here?
Yahan's AvatarYahan
Yahan's Avatar
You need high affection, not happiness. They’re two different stats. You raise affection by feeding your rockruff perfect berries ^^
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Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
Here's the wiki page about affection which will tell you in more detail how to increase it: https://pokefarm.wiki/Affection
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rabbitlover12's Avatarrabbitlover12
rabbitlover12's Avatar
Whelp, I do not feel particularly smart. But the problem has been fixed and I've got my lil homie evolved!

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