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Totem Pokemon

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Blackcheetah's AvatarBlackcheetah
Blackcheetah's Avatar
In the Pokedex, it says that Mandibuzz needs a Super Totem Sticker to become Totem Mandibuzz. Does that mean I can't get Totem Mandibuzz through Scours? I haven't checked other Totem Pokemon but I'm worried that I won't be able to get Totem Mandibuzz.
PheniksDesire's AvatarPheniksDesire
PheniksDesire's Avatar
You have to send Mandibuzz to eah one of the areas until you get 5 stickers from each place and then from there you get the Super Totem Sticker.
Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
To add on here, it's only the most recently added totem can't be obtained through scouring! Currently, the newest addition is Totem Walrein so you'd need a Super Totem Sticker (Walrein) to get one of those for now, but all others are fair game with scouring ^^
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Blackcheetah's AvatarBlackcheetah
Blackcheetah's Avatar
Thank you! One final question: Can I get Totem Walrein through Scour Missions after the next Totem Pokemon comes out?
ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
Yes once the next mcw Totem has passed you'll be able to send walrein to get stickers.

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