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QoL Multi-user (party click) not working! :(

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QuirkyRabbit's AvatarQuirkyRabbit
QuirkyRabbit's Avatar
Ah I see Res0nare beat me to it, but I took a screen as well

big image

I've also found a pretty reliable way of making it unstuck: check and uncheck all the boxes, then refresh.
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Mirzam's AvatarMirzam
Mirzam's Avatar
Very interesting! I'm seeing that the styles aren't applying correctly to the checkbox menu too, perhaps that's a clue. Thanks to both of you! If anyone finds a reliable way to make it break, I'd love to know about that as well.
MickTheMoose's AvatarMickTheMoose
MickTheMoose's Avatar
Not sure if it makes it break, but I have noticed a bigger issue with it with the following conditions: 1. open multi users at 50 2. open multi user in the tab you are in rather than a second one (like ctrl+click i guess) 3. opening multiple pages at once often has 1-2 tabs mess up like this, but also if I can't get it to fix itself opening several tabs also gives me a chance of getting one that is collapsed the way I like. 4. I've had the issue most often on Microsoft edge not sure if this helps, but I get the error probably .... 70% of the time I try to party click right now? (edit) : I also get the error pretty reliably hitting the get more+ button at the end of the list. If my first run of 50 is ok, then when I click that it will load into the full expanded version and won't switch back until I check the box, click away to somewhere else, then go into online users and try again.
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Mirzam's AvatarMirzam
Mirzam's Avatar
Ok, so I have an idea on where the problem might be happening: it looks like for some reason the main stylesheet for the script is failing to apply, and halting the whole script in the process. I still can't reproduce the problem myself though, just force a very similar looking issue by manually throwing a JavaScript error at that point... If any of you are using the Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey version on desktop, could you install my new version of the script, try to break it, and if it breaks send me a screenshot of the JavaScript error console for your browser? (I know that might be a big ask since a lot of you are on mobile or a browser that doesn't have add-ons, but I'm not sure what else to try right now unless it randomly breaks for me and tbh I probably don't click enough to trigger it...) https://github.com/tarashia/PokeFarmQoL/blob/master/Poke-Farm-QoL.user.js

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