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~Welcome To Vulpixia~ [Season 2]

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The hands sprayed more water at Apollo. Zephyr waved their finger in front of the god's face before bonking him on the nose. They shook their head and pointed at Nagito and then back to Apollo before forming an X with their hands. It was a 'Not yours' kind of pointing.
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Apollo shook his mane and blasted zephyr with a ray of scorching light
Zephyr leapt out of the way as the hand sprayed water at Apollo again. Another hand was holding a large bucket. Operation: Stinky Cat
apollo blasted his light haphazardly, obliterating a drowsee in the process, causing general chaos.
Zephyr walked away from Apollo again. They was starting to get so freaking tired of gods and people. They started collecting their things, the ones in suitcases and the ones getting blown away. One of the hands caught the tumbling box before it could hit a nearby Rattata. They gave a silent sigh, ignoring Apollo and opening the palm in which Nagito was in. They put the melted Ice-cream back in the bottle and secured it in their robes, safe from the Cannibal.
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Prince BoomBoom made his way over to the remains of Vulpixia. "Let's cause some mischief, hehehe" He was just about to put his plans into action until suddenly his watch started beeping. "What the hell is this? Someone's near my base? I need to go deal with them first." He teleported back to his secret lair and waited for his zoroark visitor.
illusias image casted over the city, face flickering in concentration. "Your time is up mortals, i arrive." silence reigned in vupixia, before the crash of splintering wood could be heard as illusia broke down the front gates and stormed into Vulpixia, eyes glowing and fists glowing, preparing for a fight against the city guards. Apollo turned and gaped, eyes zeroing in upon illusia. "uh oh."
Zephyr ordered the large hands to grab whatever was left of their things and waved farewell to Apollo. They started to walk away, because if you want nothing to do with a problem you have the right to leave. Unbeknownst to them, they also carried Nagito's bottle in their coat. Yeesh.

Pages: 123··· 363738

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