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~Welcome To Vulpixia~ [Season 2]

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“Well, guardians, I have no choice to breaks the glass. Here, take this if you find the Princesses and that Luxray.” She hands in the Mega Stones for Solux.
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He nodded to them "Both seem like possible options, your majesties. However, the trained dittos might not work because the difference between our eyes would stand out. Maybe we could possibly exploit Illuisa's weaknessess and use them against her in battle?" "Oh! Well... thank you." He flicked his tail "You could've came into the doors but I appreciate the dramatic flair!" Solux grinned.
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“It seems like the Sableye kingdom has been invade by that Idiotic Mismagius. They called for your help by sending these Mega Stone, Your Highness. There are 2 Ninetalelite Q and 1 Luxraynite.” Skylar says.
Gold was right behind Lucky, he didn't say anything back then since he was very embarrassed before speaking again when noticing the mega stones "Thank you!" He smiles
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(HEY! You don’t control my character, she doesn’t randomly invade cities, she has motives!)
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(oop-) (so any of y'all got PokeHeroes? (referring to spades4 and lopiditty)

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Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
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(Illusia wouldn’t randomly take over some slum of a sableye city, shes a good person deep down!)
(yeah, a good person that decided to kill two innocent people for no reason /j) "Hmm... that seems a bit of a problem. But!" His tails raised "The king and queen are busy at the moment, they are discussing about some private issues." Solux gestured to them outside "However, I will bring the stones to them." He dipped his head, starting to walk away "Thanks!"
Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
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(She has her reasons i shall reveal in due time. Trust me, you would do it too if you understood illusia)
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(Oops! Sorry :00)

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