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Before role-playing, please sign up at the Poké Academia | Setup: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/353943/Poke-Academia-Setup (sorry if the link doesn't work) Parents are now dropping of our their kids at the boarding school, Poké Academia. Kids are receiving their schedule and dorms. Vine is greeting all the kids coming in! Want to know if I'm online or not? Check below and find out! CoolioPokémonQ is: Online OFFICIAL GRADES: Owned by Venonat: Faust Dawndrop - ??? Owned by Ashlyn24: Crystal River - ??? Owned by CoolioPokémonQ: Aviatrix Pheasant - ???
Venonat's AvatarVenonat
Venonat's Avatar
-Name: Faust -Species: Natu -Level 7 -Personality: Eerie, Docile, Strange -Gender: Female -Moves: Leer, peck, stored power, dazzling gleam(TM) -Backstory: Faust was abandoned by her own parents, a braviary and a xatu. She was later adopted by an odd couple. She was enrolled into the academy by her parents. The couple is a araquanid and a swampert, and the abandonment thing is the parents
sythr no context
Ashlyn24's AvatarAshlyn24
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A shiny Eevee with an Espeon beside her was dropping off the youngest member. A shiny Sylveon with her ribbons fluttering in the wind was getting dropped off. Her name is Crystal and it suits her. The Espeon was her oldest sister and was the only one that cared for Crystal. "Espe I am nervous." Crystal said. The Espeon put her head on Crystal's and said, "Cryst dear you will do well in this academy father enrolled you here for a reason." The Sylveon wrapped her ribbions around her older sister who was at a very high level.
Pokemon fan creator of Ashlyn the genderbent version of Ash and many other characters
Vine walks up to the Eevee, "Hello, what's your first and last name?"
Venonat's AvatarVenonat
Venonat's Avatar
Faust looks into nowhere.
Vine greets the Natu, as well. "Hi, what's your first and last name!"
Venonat's AvatarVenonat
Venonat's Avatar
Faust would continue looking into nowhere, but after a few seconds, she would reply with: “Faust Dawndrop.”
"Okay, um... Faust Dawndrop... Hold on, I can't find your shee- Oh there it is!" *hands Faust the sheet* Sheet: Name: Faust Dawndrop Natu, Female Dormroom: Girls Side, Room 1A Note: Your schedule will be delivered soon! ---------------------- "Need me to show you where your dorm is?" Vine asks.
Venonat's AvatarVenonat
Venonat's Avatar
“No. I’m fine.” Faust would reply.
"Okay, have a nice day! Bye!" Vine replies. A couple moments later, Vine knocks on Faust's dorm door.

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