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Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
Intro? since the Mature forums are getting wiped i thought i might as well transfer here since i didn't really have any mature stuff in mu journal XD


So here I am , finally making an actual journal. I've been playing this game since 2012 with one or two big brakes XD Pardon any confusing sentence structures English is not my first language , thankfully i have google and autocorrect for spelling ^_^' Alright so i plan to use this for all sorts and kinds of things, thoughts, interests, notes and so on :D Anyways that's it thanks for stopping by <3
i'll make a prettier intro later xd I am partially away trying to recover from Stranger Things s4 and Eddie Munson T_T Genesect hunt stats H:540/ S:3 / A:5 / M:0
avatar credits
avatar is official Blizzard art
~PokemonGO:4154 0011 0852
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar

Green Shinies List (what i have and what i need):

~Legens: 0/1/0 ~Ideal: 00/0/1/1/00/1/0/10/0/00/0/11/0//0/0/0/0/0/10/00/0/0/1/00/0/0/1/0/1/1/
Maybe ,,,,
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
Melans with yellow eyes are best melans

Melan Hunts:

Def gonna do:
  1. Butterfree ×4,836 Chain saved / 1 Melan
  2. Espurr
  1. Arasprit
  1. All kinds of Pichu variants XD
  2. Star Sweet Alcremie
  3. Gengar
  4. Ledian
  5. Cottonee
  6. Emolga
  7. Gragon
  8. Orkit
  9. Klaatupillar
  10. Pasovan
DONE: Guild Jigglypuff ✓ , Butterfree ✓
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar

Type race trophies

Team Bug Dec/2020 2,740 points Credit Team Dragon Feb/2021 2,538 points Credit Team Fire Jan/2022 7,150 points Credit Team Bug Jun/2022 points
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
Melan Pineco bait made for me from Hypatia ^^ Thank you i hope i hatch it soon T_T
s e n d h e l p
Update: Chain saved at 6,054, 0 melans , better luck next time :C

Melan Pineco Bait

Made by Hypatia for me :D
Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
trying out some stuff
ovo je naslov od tabelu
prvi red:10
drugi red
  • Title
  • Title
  • Title
example text
9% Ancient Drive progress
example text
# Accordion:

Table 1


Table 2


Table 3

Shadarin's AvatarShadarin
Shadarin's Avatar
Dexing to Champion rank and above return within 5min please 🌸I'll send them as gifts and you send them back with payement c: 🌸The usual rules, don't change anything, don't take items, etc.
Dex the whole line for 40zc or 200gp Or one dex for 12zc or 60gp 🌸

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