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🌇 Twilight Harbor || Breakfast's Journal

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Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
Nosepass CEO
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Breakfast ∙ Nonbinary Transmasculine ∙ Queer & Trans 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ∙ Adult
I don't feel comfy displaying my full age here, but I am in my very early 20's! Jan. 3 is my birthday!
Disabled, Deaf (SSD)
"Single-sided deafness (SSD) is a type of unilateral hearing loss where the reduction in hearing is so severe that your ear is considered to be non-functional or deaf." — I cannot hear out of my left ear! But I do still wear a special type of hearing aid for it! If you speak to me, you need to do it near or on my right side, or you might startle me lol.
, Autistic/ADHD/OCD + Much more lol.
I am engaged to this lovely user! We've been together for a few years now, and I actually met him on PFQ! We also live together! <3 My full pronouns list, and some other extra stuff can be found here! But to be safe, you can just use They/Them for me if you need to stick to just one! •·················✦✧✦·················• With all that out of the way... Hi there! Welcome to my journal! My name is Breakfast, but you're free to also call me my real name, Sebastian (or my nickname Bosco), too! Either is cool! ✌️ I wanted to make a journal because I decided I finally needed to have a place to store all my important information that wasn't on notepad. The list was getting too long haha, so here I am! I also wanna post stuff about my hunts/PFQ related things, ocs, my daily life, and even maybe sometimes my art! If you want to, you can explore the next tabs over for more info about me! However, I think that's all for now on this tab. But if I can think of anything else, I'll add it! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
Here's where I'll put all my silly little interests, and some various Pokémon information! I'm always up for talking about my special interests if you're polite! Some of my favorite Pokémon*
I have many more favorites than the ones listed below! My favorites often change over time due to be becoming hyperfixated on a specific pokemon lol.
! Nosepass is my all-time favorite Pokémon! Feel free to send me your spares! Favorite Types: And I collect and deltas! My favorite natures are: Lax, Naughty, Hasty, Quiet, Gentle, and Serious!

Other stuff, non Pokémon related

Current Fandoms: Dragon Ball, Pokémon, Osomatsu-San, Yokai Watch, Hamtaro, Bugsnax, Bayonetta, Kirby, Digimon, Warriors, JJBA, FMA:B, Animal Crossing, Beastars, Dead Rising, Stardew Valley, MLP Stuff I enjoy/Hobbies: Gastropods, Bugs, Frogs, Forensics, Speedrunning, Horror Movies, Wildlife Documentaries, Marine Biology, Anime, Manga, Lost Media, Early Internet Y2K, Cooking, Drawing, Fishing, Shiny Hunting Youtubers: Good Mythical Morning, Ryan Hollinger, Dead Meat, Markiplier, Dagnel, BrutalMoose, Pikasprey, ManlyBadassHero, Vinesauce, Caddicarus, Tamago2474, AbsolBlogsPokemon Pets: I have three Cockatiels! Two girls and one boy! Favorite Numbers: 4, 37 Favorite Colors: Orange, Blue, Green, and Yellow Favorite Flower: Sunflower Favorite IRL Animals: Eagle Spotted Ray
I LOVE LOVE sting rays and manta rays! I collect plushies of them! My favorite is an Eagle Spotted ray plush I own named D'Arby! I sleep with him. :)
, Shoebill Stork, Beluga Whale, Bengal Tiger, Common Rain Frog, Pancake Slug, and Velvet Worm Favorite Songs: Cocoa Hooves by Glass Animals, Cabo by Ricky Montgomery, No Honey by SIAMÉS, Cinnamon by Tatsuya Kitani Favorite Coffee: Dark roast, blended, two cups of milk, and a hazelnut shot Fears: Astraphobia, Odontophobia, Aerophobia T__T
Current things I'm collecting, goals I'm working on, and wish to achieve! Collecting:
193 / 9,001 Fire Gems until
200 / 3,400 Grass Gems until
2800 / 4,300 Fairy Gems until
10 / 350 Magatamas until next phase
11 / 500 Sweet Apples
Goals: Hatch three melan Nosepass: 1/3 Hatch four melan Cleffa: 5/4 ✔️!!! Hatch three melan Pansear: 3/3 ✔️!!! Catch a shiny while fishing Get Wishalloy Grass!
Here is every melan I've ever hatched! Just click a sprite to be taken the Pokemon's summary page! Please note some are no longer owned by me though!

Other Specials!

And here are some non melan pokemon that I've hatched that are dear to me! Important gifts from my s/o <3
Below you will find my Pokésonas! Here, you can learn a little about them, and see other various information too like their game data!


They/Them Only | Nonbinary | Snom | Bug & Ice Type Nature: Hasty | Ability: Shield Dust | Characteristic: A little quick tempered Moves: Powder Snow, Struggle Bug, Fairy Wind, Endure ─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ── Cloudberry is an adventurous and spunky young Snom who's always up for a challenge! They live in Pokémon Square under the careful eye of Whiscash, and have big dreams of running a rescue team one day with their adopted sibling, Jr.! To many unfamiliar with them, Cloudberry often comes off as rude and immature due to their quick temper. But they're actually very kind! They just have a very eccentric way of showing their emotions! Their love for Junior, and others dear to them, is the very thing that fuels the fiery spirit inside them!


He/Him | Nonbinary
Masc/Male Presenting
| Clefable/Haunter/Bulbasaur Fusion | Ghost & Fairy Type Nature: Gentle | Ability: Magic Guard | Characteristic: Capable of taking hits Moves: Follow Me, Life Dew, Grass Pledge, Shadow Ball ─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ── Pomelo is a Pokémon fusion hybrid that was abandoned Team Rocket years after his creation due to not wanting to fight. He's very kind and gentle, and loves anything sweet. He is the protector of a sanctuary in the wild that takes in injured or abandoned Pokémon. Though he does not like to normally fight, he will help train those who ask for his help. However, he will never battle someone already injured or weak. He is seen as a parental figure to many!


He/Him | Male | Gastly (Albino Variant) | Ghost & Poison Type Nature: Naughty | Ability: Levitate | Characteristic: Loves to Eat Moves: Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Toxic, Hex ─── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ── Eggmont is a Gastly that strangely resembles a sunny side up egg! He lives in Hearthome City in the Sinnoh region with his wife Bits, a Sneasel, and their son Juice, a Pichu! Together with their trainer, they all help run the Poffin House! Personality wise, he is chatty, energetic, and loud (especially when it comes to his love for his wife and son). He has a very dry sense of humor, and enjoys sweets maybe a bit too much for his own good. He is also easily flustered.
Art Credits: Art of Cloudberry was drawn by AviCadenza Art of Pomelo was drawn by Silver_Raven Art of Eggmont was drawn by CreamBevroe
code* Banner is a screenshot I took from the BNHA anime! || Cloudberry art is by Sixbane on TH!
Breakfast ⁃ They/Them ⁃ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ ⭐ Journal
BG from Windcrossing on Tumblr PFP is by Sliggoo, and Gif is by AviCadenza from Artfight F2U code by Gumshoe
Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
Well, I finally mustered the courage to make a journal a few days ago.. So, how about a first post now too? :"D I wanted to wait until reset to see if I'd get any more, but I'm just too excited! I hatched my first ever delta melan last night! I'm so happy!!!
Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
Old MacDonald had a farm e i e i o Just a Nose playing Pokefarm, and tending to his 'mon!
art was drawn by my partner, user Opposham! <3 ;;
Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
Grr, I wanna switch hunts so badly, but the completionist in me refuses. I adore Wormadam SO much, and wanna hunt a melan for it asap. But I love Clefable too, and need to finish Cleffa, or I'll feel bad over it. I just need one or two more melans, sanity depending
I technically only need one more, but I'm worried someday Clefable will get a Mega/Totem, and I don't feel like starting another hunt lol
. Oh well lol. That aside, I have managed to hatch another melan! :D
Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
Wow, I love being hyperfixated on a pokemon hardly anyone talks about or likes. /lh But man, the brainrot is so real bro- *Edit yes the poor quality is on purpose, no I'm not apologizing for it. It makes it funnier.
Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
YAYYY, the Cleffa hunt is over! It took less time than I thought it would, but I'm very thankful for that. This month has been super stressful lol. I'm gonna either do Burmy next, or do some mini hunts... I'm not sure! I'm kind of a little less active due to RL, so maybe I'll just work on WF? Anywho, I also started playing Subeta
Despite my accounts age on the site, I'm still very noobish, any help is appreciated!
again because I missed it a lot! Feel free to pm me your user so I can add you if you play too! ^^ Last but not least, here are the melans from my Cleffa hunt! Aaand, I think that's all for now! Please take care of yourselves out there! Stay cool and stay hydrated!
Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
Sooo, dang, I got covid a few days ago, and I am in absolute misery. </3 But I don't want my hm to go to waste, so I'm gonna try my best to make the most of it when I feel good... :') That aside, I am hunting Snom now! One of my Pokémon ocs has become a sona, and they're a Snom! And they made me remember how I love them, so it's no suprise I want a melan now! :3c But I'm also hunting Snom just because I need to work on my wishforge again for Burmy in the future! Here's to hoping I can get one purple sparkly this month! Please take care of yourselves, stay safe and stay cool!
Breakfast's AvatarBreakfast
Breakfast's Avatar
Sends a pm to a mod asking for help. Proofread it a million times, think it looks good, so I hit send. Moments later I see typos and missing words. I hate being sick, it makes me even more stupid!

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