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Finally registered, Tessa's first hurdle was surpassed! She uses her telekinesis to toss a pebble around and keep her mind temporarily occupied, rather than letting it wade in the abyss of negative thoughts. She then notices a Pokémon by the Ring Toss game. Tessa gently places the pebble down and bounds her way over to the (seemingly standard) Zorua, having picked up a sense of electricity from them. Once she makes her way over, she sits behind the Pokémon and speaks telepathically. 'H-hi! My name is Tessa. Are you looking to play the Ring Toss game?' She smiles gleefully, her tail glowing a faint pink as her wool puffs out a bit.
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Amidst the cheer and activity of what had been going on, Flake wasn't exactly having very much of it. She had more so been wandering about, her memory failing her when it came to if she had even properly registered for this place. "Hm. I may as well." Continuing her wandering, the Cyndaquil had eventually run across Zero and the small group that was around her. Seemed to have leaderish energy to her. Seemed appropriate. So approaching the group, she had cleared her throat and spoke in a way that was politely addressing Zero despite a blunt tone. "Pardon my interruption. I don't believe I recalled to properly orient myself here, so I've just been wandering around for a while. Could I get directions to where I would have to go and do that?"
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Tenebre was enjoying the conversation he was having. Glad to have a new friend or at least someone to talk to. "A tour?" He looked to his partner expectantly, as if to want Akai to answer the question even though he knew Akai didn't want to answer for them. The poochyena lowered his head slightly, but didn't respond. Turning back, Tenebre being more then interested in spending time with this new companion smiled. "If you want I'd be glad to have the help. At least to our rooms anyway, I think my friend here is tired?" He looked at Akai again. At that point they noticed a cyndaquil aproach. Akai perked his ears up in interest to the different form of speach. It felt familiar. "Over... there." Akai said softly, and gestured toward the guild leaders. "You can get registered for the guild." This made the houndour fusion smile. "Welcome, were new recruits as well. I just registered."
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NightLight, who was attempting to play the game anyways despite their lack of arms, jumped a little, not expecting to be (telepathically) talked to, and then turned around to face the Maryta. "Oh, hello! And- yeah, though it is a little tricky.." NightLight replied, absentmindedly pawing a ring that they had dropped on the ground. "Say, what's your name?" She asked.
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Zero smiled as the poochyena spoke, "Akai's got it! Baya, the pink Sableye, and Edaerith, the purple Mawile, can help you register for the guild. For today we are just playing games, hanging out, and gettting to know more pokemon. There will be a group dinner later in the dining hall, where I believe they plan on making some welcome announcements." Her tail wagged excitedly behind her. She turned to welcome the Cyndaquil to the conversation, "Tomorrow is technically orientation. You guys can learn more about guild life and the type of work we do here. You'll get your badges, too! There are lots of things to do here at the guild besides exploring the dungeons. Do you guys know what you would like to do?"
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It took Stripy a few minutes, but they finally found a bedroom they could sleep in. They weren't exactly sure if it was theirs or not, but they just wanted to take a little nap. Stripy enters the room and flops on the hay bed, sleeping soundlessly.
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As day turned to evening and Pokémon began departing from the festivities, the interior of the guild building became louder and bolder with excitement from both old and new recruits alike. Dinner had began in the dining room, and all who were a part of the guild were invitied to meet and greet their future co-workers over delicious food. Bayaruel had left the sign-up stand to mingle with everyone else at dinner, and replacing him was a Mimikyu with a shoddy Charizard outfit instead of a Pikachu one. Her purpose was to sign-up any nocturnal recruits, seeing as the guild occassionally got a couple.
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Doggypie05's AvatarDoggypie05
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Stripy couldn't fully sleep with all the noise coming from the building, they got up and opened the door slighty to see what was going on. Stripy couldn't see anyone, but they did smell something, and that something, was food! Stripy quickly rushes over to the smell, their stomach growling.

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