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Baya didn't have to look long, as he found one right at the entrance that had just got finished being decorated. He made sure that no one had already called it by speaking with the feline-eyed Haunter there. As soon as he knew it was truly vacant, he thanked the Haunter and went to go construct a sign for the booth. He passed through the guild's lobby with nothing on his mind except for finding paper and tape, not paying attention to the group that was gathered there. Bayaruel hopped behind the front desk where the Lucaridash was, and began grabbing some paper and tape from behind it. He also grabbed a pen, and exitted the building as quickly as he came in. He made it back to the booth with the supplies, wrote a hasty sign that read "Sign-up here!", and slapped it with some tape on the front of the booth. From there, he just sat there and doodled on the extra paper as he waited for both Zerobold to retrieve a clipboard, and for people who would be interested. Skyler (the Lucaridash) watched as the Headmaster entered all the way up until he exitted. He would of said something, but Bayaruel was probably even more busy than he was. "That..." he began, turning to face the group, "...was one of the guild masters."
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With a clatter and a crash, Bucky finally departed from his home. After spending a bit too much time sleeping, coupled with a hefty chunk of time dedicated to staring at clouds and daydreaming, Bucky almost forgot what he set out to do today- he had set his sights on joining the Pokémon Guild! That is, if he could remember his way there. After a few run-ins with dead ends, a few of them quite literally turning into a run-in after Bucky clattered against a wall, the plucky Ferroseed/Tangela hybrid found himself where he felt he needed to be. He gazed upon the variety of Pokémon he passed by, including one of the most eye catching Mareep-esque he had ever seen, alongside a powerful looking Totodile with a mighty pincer tail. With this crowd, Bucky didn't dare try pushing through the gathering of Pokémon, not wanting to accidentally poke someones eye out along the way. Instead, he plodded along and steadily tried to make his way to the 'Sign-up here!' sign he saw emblazoned at the booth, a tantalising set of words that made the small Pokémon buzz with excitement.
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At the kids words and voice, the ghost froze in place. Scared? It didn't mean to be scary. It didn't want to be scary. But that's what ghosts do, don't they? ... It could just remain hidden. Wait until the kid left and- only when it was sure they were gone, only then follow the pull driving it back into the town. But that wouldn't help. It never did before. Nothingness can be just as creepy, after all. Better to fill it before it gets worse, whatever it'll cost. (Hopefully not more than it could afford.) Uncoiling took more effort than it should - tense, it was tense-, but finally, the ghost rose from its hiding spot. Floated to the end of the alley and peeked out of the wall into the street the kid was, head low and arm raised up in what it hoped was a apologetic gesture.
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While patiently waiting for his turn, Gharial happened to catch a glimpse of a pink Sableye taking position at a nearby tent, hastily setting up a paper sign displaying the words "Sign-up Here!". Already, it seemed like the sign was gathering attention, as a Ferroseed fusion made it's way to the booth. While there were still pokemon gathered at the front entrance, it would definitely take longer to register there than if he approached the tent. If Gharial wanted to get signed up as a new recruit, now was his chance. After a small moment to collect his excitement and nervousness, he carefully made his way up to the booth. Since the Ferroseed fusion had arrived first, he decided to start a line behind it, keeping a little bit of distance due to the spikes.
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Lucky flies above the cloud. “Well... there is! The sign-up!” He plays in the clouds for a while, chasing with the hungry birds and then landed on the sign-up table.
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A few Pokémon began lining up at the stand with the one in front being a little Ferroseed with feet and long tendrils on the side. Baya was happy there was even one other Pokémon interested in joining. Unfortunately, as he had no clipboard yet, he couldn't let them sign themselves up. "Hello! Nice day today, isn't it?" he asked to Bucky, standing on his seat and peering down at him to get a better look. "If you'd be interested in joining, please tell me your name, species, age, date of birth, and the name of a team you may currently be in already." He grinned cheerily the whole time. Grace didn't notice the Sheedpy at first as it was still in the shadows from where she stood. But after squinting a little in their direction, her fears quickly melted away when she saw it's head and arm. "Awww, well you're not scary at all! You're actually kinda cute!" she said with a giggle. "Sorry about freaking out. Nerves, ya know?"
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Bucky brimmed with excitement, being able to be first in line at such an exciting event. His mind began to race with potential nicknames he would surely earn within his first few days of adventuring. The Silver Bolt? Hmm, too pretentious for his liking. The Steel Bolt? Too similar to the last thought that just went through his mind. The- He was quickly pulled away from his thoughts when the rather colourful Sableye addressed him directly. He responded cheerfully, a chipper tone ever present in his voice. "Oh, it is! A lovely day, that is- now, the questions, um... I'm already starting to forget the order you asked me them in. But! I'll do my best. I'm Bucky! I'm a Ferroseed. Kinda. Sorta! That's the best thing to put down for the 'species' question I'd say. I'm 21 years old and my birthday is on May 10th! I'm not in any team, but I'm eager to join one! I think I can bring some good qualities to the team! I-" Bucky cuts himself off, remembering the other pokemon that are around and that are no doubt waiting for their turn. Instead, he nods happily, a physical way of punctuating the end of his answers to the sign up questions.
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Zero made her way to the storage closet with Audrey, opening the door and peering inside. It was organized in a decent manner, with rows on rows of shelves of various things. As she made her way inside, she kept her tail stuck straight out, careful not to bump into one of the shelves. If one thing came down, the whole wall might follow! Turning her head back and forth with a squint, she searched for the clipboards. Along one of the shelves in a section of office supplies she found a stack of new clipboards. Perfect! She grabbed three in her mouth, turned to set them in her bag slung across her waist, and started to back out of the closet the way she came. There wasn’t enough room to turn around without her knocking a shelf over. Once out of the closet, she quickly shut the door and bounded back to Baya, keeping the clipboards tucked close to her in her bag, “Here you go Mr. Baya, sir! I grabbed three- I wasn’t sure how many you wanted.” She smiled a toothy grin, her tail wagging behind her.
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