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"Yep! Im also here for the recruiting event!" Kep smiles "Also, nice to meet you eddie, Im Keperstof" a bit of Keperstofs cloak showed her mareep horns
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(Posts disappeared? That's a little unsettling. I didn't see anything like that though.) The Lucaridash grimaced. "Oh. You're here to sign-up?" he asked. "I know there aren't any signs that explain it, but you don't sign-up here. For some reason, the Guildmasters wanted the booth that you register to join to be outside with the other tents. I know I know, it sounds a little confusing. But that's the way it is." He looked in to the eyes of Eddie, then Keperstof, then LuckyCharm (who he didn't recognize as already being in the guild yet), and then finally Terracotta, to whom he gave a slight nod towards. He finally let out a sigh and began looking for something behind the desk. "I would definitely hate to make you kids leave empty-handed though." He opened a couple drawers from behind the cedar desk, and the sound of rustling papers could be heard. After a minute, he exclaimed with an "aha!" and pulled out a clipboard with a single piece of paper attached to it. "I knew there was an extra one here." he mumbled before handing it to the first mon in line. "You can sign-up with that. As the chart shows, you just put your name, species, age, date of birth, and the name of your team if you already have one." he explained carefully. "I'm sure the Guildmasters will be okay with having a few Pokémon join early."
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The little pokemon was drawing closer. It could sense it through their giggling and- They sounded young. The little pokemon was a kid, it seemed. All the more reason to not make itself known. It stood completely still. An inert thing , only the gentle breeze causing the minute movement at the tips of its cloak. Or so it saw through the fabric that didn't obscure its vision. The forest fell silent save for the faint rustling of leaves. A silence that tugged at it to do something though what it didn't know. A something that pulled at its very core. Similar to the one that brought it here, yet also different in a way it couldn't quite grasp. Strange. The ghost didn't understand what tried to push it now - the forest? The town? Or someone in it? It couldn't stay still any further. Slowly, careful to not make any telling noise, the ghost rose from its coiled posture and craned its neck just enough for its head to peek above the shrub and its dense foliage.
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The Petimy had already gotten past the shrub on her way in to town. If one were to listen closely, they would be able to hear the humming of a cheerful melody coming from her. The feeling of being watched was still there, and it was starting to make her excited less and unnerve her more. Humming to herself calmed her down a little bit though.
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"Late as usual." Scattering the straw from her bed everywhere, Audrey didn't even have time to fix the mess as she bolted out of her room in the Alliance Expedition Guild. For how infrequently she spent nights at the guild, Bayaruel had been kind enough to lend her a room in exchange for a small portion of the treasure she found on expeditions. Audrey naturally already had the subsequent stays paid off, given her late nights out, sometimes taking on several dungeon expeditions at once. Despite this, Audrey was still pleased to call the guild the closest thing she had to home. She shook the residual straw from one of her paws as she grabbed a quick breakfast, shouting a "Thankyoubye!!!" at whoever took the time to make it this morning or remained in the dining hall. She shoveled as many berries that would fit at once into her mouth and, eyeing the bowl to ensure she could carry the rest, scooped the remainder into her paws and tossed the bowl, leaving a trail of berries behind her as she skidded to a halt near the main entrance. Paws still occupied with berries, she hastily swallowed her current mouthful of food in favor of free paws, swinging the door open with a flourish. By the time she arrived at the guild's front counter, a few frequent guild members and visitors were speaking to some unfamiliar faces, already here for the recruitment. Her mouth, currently stuffed with the last of her breakfast, attempted to contort into something reminiscent of a pleasant smile, and she managed to ask without choking, "Whath dith I miff?"
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Executioner, the knight queen herself, had woken up in a bed of white flowers. “Where are we?” She asked to her loyal companion Kingslayer standing next to her. “We were drifted off to somewhere, somewhere far by an unknown force.” Executioner would observe her environment, it was like a forest of some sort. She knew this clearly was not her land, a land where she was not queen. She would get off the ground, and tell Kingslayer that they were going to explore. Executioner and kingslayer would walk together.
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(@Venonat:Please avoid from posting until your character has been approved by Yinyun.Giranite or me. As of now, your character is still up for review. Kingslayer is also unable to participate until you post a form for that character, too, and then wait until that is approved as well. Thank you.) Edaerith smiled at Baya, “Thank you, hun. It makes me relieved that you are the first face they see: you’re naturally good at putting people at ease.” She looked around the courtyard, watching the current members scattered around, talking and finishing up their decoration process. “Most of the guild members were up bright and early to help with the decorations. I’m surprised so many of them offered to help! It saves us so much time.” She clapped her hands together, making a clunk! noise as the pencil in one hand hit the clipboard. “Oh I know you know how this process works but if you could just have the recruits sign up as soon as they know they want to join that would be wonderful! There should be Pokémon with clipboards around here… Oh! And everyone can enjoy any of the games and snacks and such- we have plenty of time and food to spare I’m sure!” — Zero sat outside the front door, watching all the Pokémon scurry around. Her ears flopped in disappointment that she missed the decorating process. I probably would have messed it up, anyway. She shifted her paws uncomfortably, not knowing exactly what to do. Hopefully she would find a teammate today? Or maybe two!
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The Lucario/G. Rapidash fusion turned to Audrey with a look of surprise on his face. "I didn't realize there were some Pokémon still sleeping. Right now I'm just assisting these three with the sign-up process. There really should be a sign that tells other Pokémon where they're actually supposed to sign up..." he sighed and his eyes shifted back to the group. "I don't suppose you'd be able to help me with that?" "Uh-huh! That I can do!" the Sableye said and nodded in response. Hah! He'd show himself that he can be just as useful as anyone else here! "First things first I'm going to need said clipboards..." he told himself and began looking around, spotting Zero next to the front door. "Oh hey Zero! Could you be a dear and retrieve a couple of clipboards for me? I would really appreciate it!" he called to her.
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Only a thin trail of something - water? - greeted its sight. With a - not as slight, only one good eye- turn of its head, the ghost followed the soft hum to their maker: the leafy kid, who had crossed the welcome sign and moved on the smooth stone decorating the town's floor. Entering the town as well, floating into it again seemed foolish. Risky, even, with all those eyes around. Yet the pull to follow was there. Stronger still, tugging and threatening to drag it away from its temporary hideout. It was perhaps - hopefully? - one new step to have its final rest. It couldn't just fight against it. It knew that much. Such has been its time, following pulls and calls in an attempt to fullfil its like task. Shaking off how loathsome its ghostly non-existence was, the ghost waited for the little leafy kid to walk - slide? - for a while. For them to be farther away from it, until, deeming it safe to move, it abandoned the shrub and flitted into the shade of the nearest building. It curled up there, avoiding to see and being seen. It didn't need to, after all. (It accounted for its body to make no sound whatsoever. It didn't account though for the whoosh of its cloak against the wind.)
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Audrey swallowed the last of her food, smiling shyly (this time, it was her usual smile) and waving at the Lucario/G. Rapidash fusion behind the counter. "You know me, pal, I'm always fashionably late to a party," she joked, throwing one of her long ears behind her in a mock hair flip. Shifting uncomfortably on her paws as the fusion addressed the rest of the group who had actually been there on time, her ears perked up as she saw Zero approaching the group. As the guild member at the counter called for her to get some clipboards, Audrey was quick to rush to Zero's side. She remembered what her mother had said to her shortly before her disappearance: "Idle paws are antsy paws." Audrey supposed that a mother's life was just too idle for raising her and her five siblings. "Zero, let me help you," she offered. Grinning sheepishly at the Rockruff fusion, she provided some reassurance, "Don't worry; they were already done with the decorations by the time I got here too." She awkwardly scratched at the back of her head, holding on to the grin for just a bit too long. ((Does the Lucario fusion have a name?))

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