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PMD Shadow Force REDUX RP

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Stripy entered the dining room, and finds rows and rows of food of all kinds lining the walls. Stripy's mouth watered, they wanted to eat it all! They started with the berries, that was their favorite food afterall.
Metalocalypse Movie is coming! I am exicited!
(Thread has been revived! I suppose I could fast forward from my last post if that's what everyone wants?)
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Kamau walked in, looked around, and fell backwards into the dust. It had been a long travel to get here, and he thought for a moment before bouncing to the top of a tree to get it's solar charge. As he did, he thought about the fun he could have here.
“Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with all their favorites.”
The next day.... The various Pokémon went about their daily routines of working on missions, working around the town, or doing various tasks in the guild. Bayaruel excitedly waited in the hallway where the rooms that the new recruits slept in were located. Along with him was Skyler the Galarian Rapidash/Lucario fusion and Damian the blue brush-tailed Smeargle. Skyler stood facing a set of doors with his hands behind his back while Damian complained to Bayaruel. "I don't see why I have to be here too. The both of you are more than capable of handling these kids." Damian said in a low voice to the Sableye. Bayaruel smiled to his employee and responded in an equally low voice. "Come on Damian, children love you. You'd really be helping us by being here." Bayaruel looked at a vase of red and yellow flowers in between two doors. "Plus, I'm sure Edith would be more willing to accept that rank request you put in if she found out that you were here helping our new recruits." And with that, Damian's mood increased to uncharacteristic levels. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grace popped her head out of a bush near the entrance to the guild and spat out a couple leaves. "Yep. Definitely not edible!" she chirped and then proceeded to yawn. The Petmy looked around for her new friend after she had managed to scuttle the rest of her body out from the bush. "Man. I hope they didn't sign up without me..." she whimpered.
Sliggoo's AvatarSliggoo
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(Just realized this thread is back, hooray!) With the sun out, the ghost stood hidden under a bush, waiting for the sunlight to dim enough for its form to blend into the shadows. Or so it would have, if it weren't for the little pokemon talking now. The ghost peeked out from behind a large bush - the same as yesterday - near the entrance at the voice of the small leafy kid - just like yesterday, too. Only difference is that the kid wasn't scared of it, even treating it the same way one would a... an acquaintance? (And did the kid a name? It didn't really remember. It had no way of asking, either.) Regardless, the kid wanted to join. It was... It was not quite as early as it hoped. But it could perhaps travel along, if doing so wouldn't inconvenience her? It may be its best chance to reach its resting spot. Slowly, avoiding the less shady patches on the area, it left its hideout and floated to stay some distance from the kid, remaining low to the ground so as to scare her with its height.
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