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Why is my Surskit Steel and where do I put her?

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ToothedMammal's AvatarToothedMammal
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I got her in a wonder trade, idk why shes Steel and I have no clue where to put her to get her to get her happiness up.
Venonat Sprite from Pokemon Crystal, edit by me.
She is a delta pokemon! Delta pokemon are pretty special but they're at the bottom of Shiny, ALbino and Melan but they're cool varients to have. They will like the field their orignal pokemon type is or even the steel type, so that Surskit can go in Steel or Bug(I believe that's it's typing) To get Delta pokemon you can go to the Holan Research Tower but you do have to buy something I'm pretty sure, to get DP(Delta Points) You can do trade-ins of Shiny, Albino, Melan or Delta pokemon now or people who aren't signed in(guests) who click your profile gives you one delta point but you can only gain 10 a day. If you have any questions about it just let me know!
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A little correction and specification for guest users: each guest can only give one guest interaction to a user per day, but those are actually worth 5 delta points(it used to be one but it was changed at some point)
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