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PMD Shadow Force REDUX Setup [OPEN]

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I don't think he's OP though. I just didn't want him to be part Zacian or end up having Zacian come visit him, seeing as how he was a pupil of Zacian. o:
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but well, i will take Lucky and leave that Houndour, because I change my mind. I don't want to relate to legendaries anymore. (Cause I make me feel troublesome...) Okay, did you accept Lucky?
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Yeah. I'll accept Lucky right away.
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Username: MuttonMaw Character's Name: Tessa Character's Species: Mareep/Galarian Ponyta Fusion Character's Type:/ Character's Gender: Female Character's Age: Young Adult, still has lessons to be learned Character's Level: 13 Character's Nature:Timid Character's Ability: Static (Chance to cause Paralysis upon contact (12% chance according to PMD Explores of T/D/S) Character's Moveset: ThunderShock, Confusion, Cotton Spore, Telekinesis Character's Held Item: Gracidea (Flower) Character's Appearance:

Image of Flaaffy Tessa

The same color scheme as the image above, but a Mareep body (white feet, green/purple wool) and a smaller horn. I will be drawing this soon, but I figured I would go ahead and enter. ^^ Please ignore her above moveset, that won't be applicable here. Character's Personality: She's rather shy and afraid to attempt using her Psychic abilities in front of others. She can speak normally but would prefer to stick with her telepathic ability to communicate. Tessa will do all that she can to help others in need. Her dream goal is to take care of those who have injured themselves. While she can be rather shy, her top priority is making those close to her feel heard and cared for. Other: - The Gracidea that she holds in nestled into her wool. It never stays in the same place, but she quite likes the flower's scent. - Lacking hands, she uses telekinesis to pick things up/open chests/etc. Telekinesis is more of a flavor move but hopefully she'll be able to use it in battle soon! - When using her Psychic moves, a pink aura/glow can be found around whatever it is she's using them on (usually increasing in intensity in relation to the power of said move). - The only time this doesn't apply, would be the faint pale purple her eyes glow when she speaks telepathically.
Thanks for the opportunity to get myself out there back into RP-ing. ^^
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Username: SpacialDimension Character's Name: Gharial Character's Species: Skorudile (Skorupi + Totodile fusion) Character's Type: Poison Water Character's Gender: Male Character's Age: 18 Character's Level: 9 Character's Nature: Careful (Raises Sp Def, lowers Sp Atk) Character's Ability: Sniper (Power of critical hits is raised) Character's Moveset: Leer, Poison Fang, Water Gun, Scratch Character's Held Item: None Character's Appearance: (if needed, I can also make his evolved forms, but for now he looks like the image below) (edited totodile sprite with skorupi details made by me, using the gen 5 sprites as the bases) Character's Personality: While Gharial looks intimidating at first glance, he's actually quite cautious, and prefers to think things over first before choosing to act. Although easily startled, he can stand his ground if need be, often raising up his claws and tail to appear bigger and more dangerous (this usually doesn't work). When it comes to other pokemon, he usually isn't the one to be the first to strike a conversation, but is pretty ok when interacting or chatting otherwise. His cautious nature tends to help him when it comes to exploring dungeons, as he tends to bring plenty of supplies, but as a drawback, usually doesn't have space to grab everything he finds in his outings. Other: Will glow in the dark if exposed to UV light (not like there would be any around here anyways).
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@MuttonMaw Oh hello again! o: Tessa looks perfect to me! I shall go ahead and add her to the list :3 @SpacialDimension Gharial also looks great! I'll add him as well uwu And you don't need to give an image of what he'll look like when he evolves right now.

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