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PMD Shadow Force REDUX Setup [CLOSED]

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HammyMax's AvatarHammyMax
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That's a good idea :)
Metalocalypse Movie is coming! I am exicited!
Bumping to avoid deletion. B)
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Bumping again so I don't forget.
Sliggoo's AvatarSliggoo
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So uh... First off, sorry I pretty much dropped off from the face of the earth these past months. Many things happened and, well, had to tend them to the detriment of this thread (and pfq in general) But, turns out, I'm still attached to this little rp and my (rather experimental) character. So, it is possible to reintegrate them into the story? Now that it seems the sign-ups already happened?
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KitKatKutie2's AvatarKitKatKutie2
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I lost motivation to roleplay and now the thread's been deleted. I hope we can bring it back eventually, since I also got attached to my character. :(
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Poll has been created on front page! @Sliggoo (almost ended up calling you Slimemold there) You make it sound like it's your fault the thread ended up poofing. x3 You didn't do anything wrong. You're all good. I have always had trouble with pacing. More specifically, I tend to drag things out for longer than they need to be. And as we probably noticed, that isn't really all that entertaining for this kind of fun, fictional, fantasy setting. There's a couple of other issues I see in myself, but I won't get in to that. It can be possible, but I'll have to see if anyone else would be willing to stick around for the RP's revival. @KitKatKutie2 Ah, yes. So it has. Well, it's fixable. But I'm unsure about how well it will do if I do end up reviving it. So, I guess I'll make a poll to see what everyone who is still around thinks? If I get a good enough response, I'll go and make a ticket to get the thread un-deleted. And don't worry about the losing motivation part. It seems to affect all of us o: Does anyone have any suggestions in general? Like how I can make it for fun for you, or what you think I could do to keep people motivated?
Sliggoo's AvatarSliggoo
Sliggoo's Avatar
(Haha yeah, that's a funky side effect of having an username change. And I do still go by Slimemold or Slime, so it's fine!) Well, can't say it's your fault at all. I mean, I disappeared right as I had plans to advance things (giving Grace the possibility of not missing the sign up as well as weaving a way for the ghost to do so too) and returned at a point where I had no clue how to insert the ghost back into the plot so.... But anyway, I'm up for the revival of the RP thread! I'm pretty attached to the plot too, as well as your characters. About suggestions, hmm... perhaps the whole "having the characters make a queue to sign up for the guild" brings some trouble here. True, it opens possibilities for them to meet one another and even make potential friends - as it was the case with my character, but I noticed that it drags things out further. So what if that part was skipped? What if the form we users fill to get our characters in the RP also doubles as the sign up form for the guild?
Let's just agree to disagree so we aren't just playing the blame game here <3 Yeah, I think that idea has a lot of merit. And the characters could just get to know more about each other while working together, therefore moving the story along at the same time. Everyone would probably have to edit their forms though, because didn't I add something extra to the forms in the RP or am I misremembering?
Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
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We could always start the RP with like a little "Welcome to the Guild" party intro thing. Do we work out teams prior to the RP starting, or have the characters work out a team within the RP?
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I feel like having the characters work out their teams within the RP would make more sense and be less stressful for the players?

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