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PMD Shadow Force REDUX Setup [OPEN]

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Here is where you can find the RP: Link!


Welcome to the Pokémon World! This world is inhabited by strange and powerful creatures known as Pokémon. Just like those that exist in the realm of humans, these Pokémon battle and train, compete in contests of skill or wit, and coexist with one another peacefully in settlements scattered across the globe. This is a world where nature rules over all, and one must abide by it's rules or else life may cease to exist. However, there are some out there that'd prefer it that way... This story begins in the town of Lickisterg. It is a bustling tourist destination with all sorts of shops, contest halls, and residential buildings. But the crowned jewel of the places-of-interest would have to be the Pokémon Guild, located in the very center of the town. It is the largest building out of all in Lickisterg town, and contains various sleeping quarters, an extravagant dining hall, a medical ward, and various rooms for the different groups to work in. The Alliance Expedition Guild, as it is called, is currently co-owned by guild leaders Edaerith the / Mawile, and her best friend Bayaruel, the / Sableye. These two make up the mind and heart of the guild thanks to Edaerith's superior intelligence and Bayaruel's incredible kindness. Most who work or simply visit here feel exceptionally welcomed to be there. Currently, the guild is hosting an event to recruit new members. This is where you come in. Either by being a new recruit to the Alliance Expedition or by having been a regular employee to it for some time now, you all will work together to solve the mysteries surrounding the crazed phenomenon that is slowly spreading throughout the Pokémon World!

Rules (Please read carefully!)

1. All Pokéfarm rules apply, including those that pertain to art if you so choose to use it. 2. Zerobold is assisting me with this project. Please mind her as well. 3. No mini-modding or controlling someone else's characters. If someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing, either Zerobold or I will deal with them. 4. No Mary Sue (invincible and perfect) characters. 5. Remember to keep things PG. 6. Any and all different variants of Pokémon such as regular (ex: Flareon), shiny (ex: Shiny Flareon), Fusions (ex: Flarellow (Flareon/Swellow Hybrid)), retypes (Poison-type Flareon), etc. are allowed. If you use a regular or shiny character they must have a unique physical characteristic and/or article of clothing that discerns them from other Pokémon of their species. No legendaries or mythicals whatsoever though. 7. None of your characters are allowed to have been human or have been owned by a human. Humans are merely fairytales in this world after all. 8. No overpowered movesets or items (such as mega stones or Z-crystals) should be on your character at the start of the RP. As you progress through the RP, your characters may learn stronger moves within their level limits and find powerful items after completing large quests. 9. Your character must start out a reasonable level. For new recruits, the level range should be Level 1 - 15. For characters that have been a part of the guild for some time, their level can be anywhere from 1 - 30. 10. If your character is a new recruit, they must be the base evolution of the mon in their evolution line (Ex: Eevee, Deino, Rolycoly, etc.). They are not to evolve at the beginning of the RP. 11. You must have a minimum of 3 sentences per post. This is in order to keep the story moving. Everything you say doesn't have to be for the sake of the plot however. 12. There's a limit of 3 characters per player. If you'd like to add more, then please message either me or Zerobold to discuss it. 13. A maximum of 18 characters (not counting Zerobold's or mine) will be allowed in the RP. As soon as 18 characters have been submitted and approved, sign-ups will be closed until the next time they open. 14. You must use the form below to submit a new character to the role play. Only after they've been approved are you allowed to join. If you want to change something about them after they've been approved, then please message me or Zerobold. If you don't use the form below, then your post will be ignored.

Character form

Username: (Your username on this site) Character's Name: (Name of the character you'd like to add & play as) Character's Species: (What kind of Pokémon your character is) Character's Type: (The elemental typing of your character. Only a maximum of two types per character are allowed) Character's Gender: (Is your Character Male, Female, Genderless, etc.?) Character's Age: (How old your character is) Character's Level: (The level of your character. Does not have to coorelate with their age) Character's Nature: (What is the nature of your character? (ex: Bold, Rash, Jolly, Timid, Adamant, etc.) Character's Ability: (What ability they have) Character's Moveset: (What moves they are able to currently use) Character's Held Item: (The item your character is holding, if they have one. If not, then just put none here) Character's Appearance: (What your character looks like. Doesn't have to be in extensive detail, but have at least two sentences about them. However, you may use a picture of your character instead if you have one. Remember to follow the site's art rules though!) Character's Personality: (What is your character like?) Other: (If you'd like to comment or ask anything, this would be the area to do so) Clean Version (for your copying and pasting pleasure!): [b][u]Username[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Name[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Species[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Type[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Gender[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Age[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Level[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Nature[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Ability[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Moveset[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Held Item[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Appearance[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Character's Personality[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Other[/u]:[/b] Open to any suggestions on how I can make this easier for mobile users.

My Characters


Username: Yinyun Giranite Character's Name: Bayaruel Character's Species: Sableye Character's Type: / Character's Gender: Male Character's Age: 25 years old Character's Level: 60 Character's Nature: Naïve (Raises Speed, But lowers Sp. Def) Character's Ability: Steelworker (Powers up Steel-type moves) Character's Moveset: Iron Head , Play Rough , Helping Hand , and Misty Terrain Character's Held Item: None Character's Appearance:

Image of Bayaruel

Doodle of Bayaruel drawn by Cryst
Character's Personality: Bayaruel is one of the kindness Pokémon one will ever meet. He strives to make everyone he knows feel liked and included in everything going on. However, this can easily be used against him. Those that so wish to could talk him in to doing something that he wouldn't understand at first is wrong, but it could actually end up hurting other Pokémon. It's a good thing someone as smart as Edaerith is there to always be by his side and smack some sense in to him if need be. Other: I'm a freaking co-owner to this thread. Ofc I have nothing to ask or tell myself. D:<


Username: Yinyun Giranite Character's Name: Abagail Character's Species: Gardetomb (Gardevoir/Spiritomb) Character's Type: / Character's Gender: Female Character's Age: 21 years old Character's Level: 42 Character's Nature: Rash (Raises Sp. Atk, But lowers Sp. Def) Character's Ability: Pressure (Raises the foe's PP usage) Character's Moveset: Psychic , Ominous Wind , Sucker Punch , and Teleport Character's Held Item: Spell tag wrapped around her left shoulder Character's Appearance:

Images of Abagail

Casual Form drawn by HybridYuki Violent/Angered Form's face drawn by Zerobold
Character's Personality: Abagail is a very rude and troublesome Pokémon. She enjoys bullying others she sees as weak to give herself a sense of superiority. One would think that standing up to her could be a possibility, but that technique quickly becomes a pipe dream when her Spiritomb side comes out. It strikes fear in to many that look upon it, and has deemed her the nickname of "The Witch" amongst regular employees to the Alliance Expedition. Other: DO NOT call her Abby/Abbie under any circumstances! You will lose your head.


Username: Yinyun Giranite Character's Name: Grace Character's Species: Petimy (Petilil/Goomy/??? fusion) Character's Type: / Character's Gender: Female Character's Age: 8 years old Character's Level: 4 Character's Nature: Quirky (Neutral Nature) Character's Ability: Effect Spore (Contact with the Pokémon may inflict poison, sleep, or paralysis on its attacker) Character's Moveset: Absorb , Bide , Bubble , and Confusion Character's Held Item: None Character's Appearance:

Image of Grace

Grace Doodle drawn by Sheepoid
Character's Personality: Grace has a very sporadic personality. She can be cheerful and positive when times are tough, or mopey and gloomy when times of joy are all around. It's impossible to tell what emotion she will display at any given time, which is what makes her a very interesting Pokémon to many that meet her. Other: Very important lore stuff down the line *^*

Accepted Characters

Zerobold and my characters

Bayaruel the / Sableye played by me! Abagail the Gardetomb (Gardevoir/Spiritomb Fusion) played by me! Grace the Petimy (Petilil/Goomy/??? Fusion) played by me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edaerith the / Mawile played by Zerobold! Zero the Rockrunt (Rockruff/Tyrunt Fusion) played by Zerobold!

Everyone else's (2 slots left)

1. The ghost of Gelbalrd the Sheedpy (Shedinja/Dreepy fusion) played by Sliggoo! 2. Terracotta the / Munna played by Ozawells! 3. Keperstof the Snoreep (Snorunt/Mareep fusion) played by Solaria's_Eyes! 4. Eddie the Shuppew (Shuppet/Axew fusion) played by Pupcurdles! 5. LuckyCharm the Scorchily (Scorbunny/Milcery fusion) played by CinderStorm! 6. Audrey the Loppitty (Lopunny/Skitty fusion) played by KitKatKutie2! 7. Kamau the Zangoose played by Grasslovania! 8. Bucky the Ferrola (Ferroseed/Tangela fusion) played by SolarKnight! 9. Flake the Cyndaquil played by C0L0R3D! 10. Lucky the Chimecho played by spades4! 11. Tessa the Maryta (Mareep/Galarian Ponyta fusion) played by MuttonMaw! 12. Gharial the Skorudile (Skorupi/Totodile fusion) played by SpacialDimension! 13. Stripy the Stufful played by Doggypie05! 14. NightLight the Joltorua (Joltik/Zorua fusion) played by Plague87! 15. Tenebre the Eevdour (Eevee/Houndour fusion) played by ShotoNemar! 16. Akai the Poochyena played by ShotoNemar! 17. 18.
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Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
Zerobold's Avatar
Username: Zerobold Character's Name: Edaerith [ee-dar-ith] Character's Species: Mawile Character's Type: Character's Gender: Female Character's Age: 24 years old Character's Level: 60 Character's Nature: Brave (Increased Attack, Decreased Speed) Character's Ability: Intimidate Character's Moveset: Shadow Ball Sucker Punch Torment Protect Character's Held Item: Mawilite Character's Appearance: Boop While Edith retains a pretty standard form of a Mawile, her tyings give her some unique features. For one, her main body is colored a light purple color, almost periwinkle in tone. The rest of her body is a dark grey. The mouth on her head is rather short and contains no teeth, mainly to be used as distraction from her real attacks. She is taller than most standard Mawile, but only by a couple of inches. Often times, when she is relaxing, she can float for a few minutes, mainly when she is meditating. When enraged, her eyes glow purple and her hands emit a purple aura. Character's Personality: Being one of the co-leaders of the guild has put some stereotypes on Edith's personality. She often comes off as hard-working and strict, and is often the 'bad cop' of the co-leader duo. She tries to keep everyone in line, especially when Baya is the more heartfelt one. Outside of her leadership role, she is caring, but nowhere in comparison to Baya. She is very trustworthy, and the guildmembers tend to respect her, as her angry side is a contender to deal with. When just with Baya, she is very sweet and fun, as he always makes her laugh and helps relieve her stress from her duties. Other: Edith loves to cook, especially for Baya. Her specialty is desserts, especially poffins. But, because of her role as leader of the guild, she is unable to cook as often as she would like to. Username: Zerobold Character's Name: Zero Character's Species: Rockrunt (Rockruff/Tyrunt) Character's Type: Character's Gender: Female Character's Age: 18 years old Character's Level: 24 Character's Nature: Sassy (Increase Sp. Defense, Decreased Speed) Character's Ability: Strong Jaw Character's Moveset: Bite Ancient Power Thunder Fang Rock Smash Character's Held Item: None Character's Appearance: Boop Character's Personality: Stubborn and Sarcastic, but easy-going. Tends to be socially awkward until she feels she fits in. Usually is quiet until conversation is struck. Loves her friends and family a little too much and tends to show it through physical contact (sometimes at the displeasure of others). Other: Really enjoys Sweets, Plushies, and Blankets
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Okie, thread is open now! :3
Sliggoo's AvatarSliggoo
Sliggoo's Avatar
I thought of starting with all three characters allowed, but I haven't been in a RP in a while so it might be too much for now... Got a spark of inspiration a bit ago and finished one form in one go:

''The ghost of Gelbalrd''

Username: Sliggoo Character's Name: None (sometimes thinks of itself as "the ghost of Gelbalrd", for the explorer its shell came from) Character's Species: Sheedpy (Shedinja + Dreepy) Character's Type: Character's Gender: Genderless Character's Age: ??? (Gelbalrd was 25 years old) Character's Level: 1 Character's Nature: Docile (no stat changes) Character's Ability: Cursed Body Character's Moveset: Scratch - Bite - Infestation - Shadow Claw Character's Held Item: A large, tattered Plain scarf worn as a cloak. Part of it has been used as a makeshift eye patch Character's Appearance: Ref pic A thin and serpentine body like that of a Dreepy (if also notably longer, at around 1,5m versus the usual 0,5m of the species), but black, soft and cold to the touch (doing it for too long has an odd paralyzing effect that lasts for a while). Only safe areas seem to be the lighter (and faded shiny-colored?) parts of a Shedinja's exoskeleton it wears on its head, upper body, single forearm and tail tip (though it doesn't seem to like being touched there either, possibly due to the brittleness of said shell). Character's Personality: Seemingly being some broken, possessed and long abandoned remnant of a bug Pokemon might make this ghost "nearly devoid" of personality, for it seems to show little - if any - interest in the world around it and so could be easily labelled as "stoic" or a less flattering "dead". A keen observer, or someone who spends enough time with it (or can read a ghost's "mind") could say there's more ; it mainly communicates through small gestures, body language and the occasional chirp or trill - as it appears incapable of true speech. This observer could then describe it as "often gentle and mild-mannered, though it carries itself in a wary, vigilant way similar to an explorer in a dangerous dungeon. Has an odd protective streak towards the young too, as well as the weak - without any of the malice some Ghost-types tend to show." (Whether this was part of Gelbalrd's original personality or not, it can't answer.) Other: It has some memories of living in a big "town" and being once part of a group of Pokemon whose goal was "to help others" among other things. However, time (how much?) and wandering alone has eroded most of these memories and they're now fuzzy at best.
Hope it's alright and let me know if I should change anything ^^
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Oooohh! Even more mysterious than when you showed me earlier. I like it. I like it. I shall add this Ghost of Gelbalrd to the accepted characters. I think Zero would agree with me on that~ And don't worry about meeting the character limit right now x3 You got time to think about who you'd want to add, if you want to add anymore. As for when the RP will officially start, I'm thinking either in two weeks, or when two more people and four more characters get added. Whichever comes first. :)
Ozawells's AvatarOzawells
Ozawells's Avatar
oh this looks fun :) i haven't done large group rp in a while! let's hope i did this right haha

Terracotta App

Username: Ozawells Character's Name: Terracotta Character's Species: Munna Character's Type: / Character's Gender: Female Character's Age: 18 Character's Level:28 Character's Nature: Modest Character's Ability: Forewarn Character's Moveset: Calm Mind, Sand Attack, Moonlight, Mud-Slap Character's Held Item:Soothe Bell Character's Appearance: link Character's Personality: Terracotta has been in the guild for around four years now and knows her way around enough to do things herself. However, she is a huge people person and can't stand being alone for too long! Terra loves making teamwork the dreamwork and likes to spark ideas and plans with those around her. She is not too talkative but likes to give little nudges to have shyer Pokemon speak up. Overall she's nice company. Other: She didn't come into the guild with a partner, but is open to one :)
Looks all well and good to me! :3 Always happy to have characters that aren't the "popular" Pokémon. I will add Terracotta to the accepted character's list!
Username: Lunastar589 Character's Name: Keperstof Character's Species: Snoreep (Snorunt + Mareep) Character's Type: & Character's Gender: ?!?!?! (Nonbinary but uses all pronouns) Character's Age: 15 Character's Level: 10 Character's Nature: Relaxed Character's Ability: Snow cloak Character's Moveset: Thunder shock, Powder snow, Thunder wave, Astonish Character's Held Item: None at the moment. Character's Appearance: A snorunt with mareep horns poking out of its cloak somehow, yet it tries to hide it. Their arms are also have some yellow wool sticking out of it Character's Personality: Keperstof acts confident in most things, always up for any challenge. Yet... They are always alone despite being a new recruit. Many say its due to her annoying tendancys like appearing out of nowhere and acting at the last second Other: Been some time since i did a pkmn rp big like this, the one i was the most active on died out
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Awesome sauce! Can't wait to see Keperstof interacting with other characters! ^-^ Your character has been added to the list!
Pupcurdles's AvatarPupcurdles
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Username:Pupcurdles Character's Name:Eddie Character's Species :Banorus(Haxorus/banette hybrid) (but will start off as a an shuppew(axew/shuppet hybrid)and evolve at level 30) Character's Type:dragon/Ghost Character's Gender:Male Character's Age:20 Character's Level:10 Character's Nature:Timid Character's Ability:rRattled Character's Moveset:Astonish,Destiny Bond,False Swipe,Assurance Character's Held Item:a black armband that holds a dark red gem Character's Appearance:a dark green shuppet with candy red eyes,has a horn protruding from his head a long light green tail,has light green hands and legs,large thin scar on one eye EVOLVED VER. a tall banorus with black scales that flash with a yellow tint in combat,large double sided horns on the sides of his head,a zipper like mouth that bares a row of sharp teeth,scar is still visible Character's Personality:doesn't like for anyone to stand in his way will protect his friends and team with his life,ran from home because of abuse and suffed mentally because of it,Hate when he's seen as weak,softens up for friends and people he sees as family Other:I took out fracture cuz I'm built different.But other than that if there's any problems pls let me know and I'll fix it thank you.
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