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POLL: Should I rearrange all my FREE fields like my regular FREE fields? (berry sorted)

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Azlottie's AvatarAzlottie
Azlottie's Avatar
Azlottie's Trade Centre is:

Hello Everyone! My name is Az What I'm trying to do here is help other trainers make pairs, and teach them how that aspect of the game works! Which is why I have such an extensive number of free fields. I am enjoying this game, and helping people geniunely makes me happy! To avoid double posting, I'm allowing pms!! Please be kind and patient as I do suffer from chronic pain and will try to be as responsive as I can. And by responsive, I mean trading your mon to you asap! :D


- S/A/M TAB has now been remodelled. - GUIDES tab was renamed TRAINER TIPS.
This shop is a WIP while I'm learning bbcode and soon to learn styleclass... hopefully... maybe... o.0
Last Update: 17 days ago
Welcome! I have this because as I give away a lot of free pokemon, I'm mostly relying on WT (wonder trades) and forum hunts to get the pokemon I need for personal pairs. Excess from making these pairs is then sent over to my pair fields. - Glameow (Siberian) - Slithugi (x1 male, x1 female) - Koroku (male) - Smokackle (x2 male) - Inferial (x3 female) - Kanto Megas for dexing This will be cleaned up later to look nicer, and with more specific pokemon.


When linking pokemon, Please use these formats: [url=URL goes here]text you want shown here[/URL] [url]put url here[/url]

BBCode Links

There are a few different guides for that all about coding on this site that gets explained more in the links. https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/1969/A-Somewhat-Extensive-Guide-to-BBCodes https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/31468/Styleclass-and-You-An-Introduction

CSS Coding

I haven't learned this myself, but I figured I could add it here for others in case they're interested. Linking this one first, as I feel like it's the first step. And can make things easier for anyone. https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/193472/Quality-of-Life-changes-UserScript I chose this one next because I feel like it would be good start before you plunged straight into the heavier stuff. https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/127552/Site-Skins-How-To-and-Helpful-CSS These last two are hard to put in order, so it's dealers choice. https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/39756/Guide-to-CSS-Beginner-Intermediate-In-Progress https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/335371/Guide-to-CSS-Beginner-to-Expert

Breeding Guide

If you are new to pokemon pairing here is a helpful guide for breeding. Here is another guide that is focused on breeding for IV's. TLDR of breeding guide: Quick breakdown of how breeding works: - 59% and below base score, you are the original trainer for both pokemon - 79% and below base score, you and another trainer are the original trainers - 99% and below base score, both pokemon have different original trainers. Hatching, Fishing, & Adopting makes that person the original trainer. So the most recent trainer to do any of those is the original trainer for that pokemon. Keep that in mind while making your pairs.

PFQ Exclusives/Variants

Site Abbreviations

The users on this site use a lot of different abbreviations. So I decided to add this helpful link for those who are new to the game, and don't quite have a handle on what some of the meanings are. I know I struggled at first. :) https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/29618/A-Guide-to-PFQ-abbreviations

  • PWYW E/V Pairs
  • S/A/M
Welcome to the FREE FIELDS TAB!! I have 5 different free field types. They are:


These are pokemon that I have bred or adopted from the shelter, making ME the Original Trainer/OT.


Same as Variants section.


I try to adopt high lvl pokemon that would make breeding a lot easier trying hit that lvl 50 mark. I also try to grab intersting or Ready to Evolve/RTE pokemon for you guys. I take requests for these guys, see request section for more info.


Literally adopt every Legendary I come across, so it's a gamble based on what is found in the shelter.


- FREE Hunts: What I'm currently hunting, field gets purged when it reaches full capacity. If you can't see this field, it's because im not hunting anything. Current hunt: Growlithe - OT Swap: This is technically free, as there is no cost to it. It's basically a same for same trade. Don't care about matching nature's, just the pokemon and gender.


1) All PFQ rules apply. 2) LIMITS: - 2 = CLOSED. - 10 = OPEN. 3) You may post again after recieving your trades, but it is first come first serve. PM me to avoid double posting in the event you are the last one to post. 4) Please use working links: [url]link goes here[/url] 5) If any trades havent been accepted in 1hour after sending, then they will be put in holding for two days since your post. This only happens if my trade slots are full. 6) DO NOT ask for anything that isn't in my FREE/PWYW/UFS fields.

Greedy Freebies Day!

If you have found yourself here, you are probably wondering what this is? Well, it's a sale I run in the trades thread for 24 hours only! What is the benefits of having a "sale" for already free pokemon? The limits that I put into place for my shop are completely removed, and you can ask for whole fields of pokemon! When does this happen? This happens when two conditions are met: - When my fields are full to the limit. - When the adopting limit gets a multiplyer. Where does this happen? I make a temporary thread in the trades section of the forum, and where my shop says open/closed, I post a direct link to the thread just incase. I hope this answers some of your questions about this weird sale I have. And if you have anymore please pm me!!
For more free fields click the icon below!
Welcome to the PWYW E/V PAIRS Section!! I am now only putting together 99% and 98% Exclusive/Variant Pairs from now on. It's easier on my field load, lol. It is pay what you want, but please be fair. You may do an equal exchange, instead of paying with currency, you pay with a pokemon of the same type/gender. This just helps me make more pairs, and can save you money. :D - New players get them for free! Please read the rules very carefully!!


1) All PFQ rules apply. 2) LIMIT is 2 pairs per person, per day. 3) Please use working links: [url]link goes here[/url] 4) PM me to avoid double posting. 5) If any trades haven't been accepted in 1hour after sending, then they will be put into my Holding field. After 2 days of no reply, the pokemon will be made available again to anyone. To reply, please just quote your original post with links. 6) DO NOT ask for anything that isn't in my FREE/UFT/UFS fields.
Welcome to the Shiny/Albino/Melan TAB!! Check fields if you want a certain nature/gender. Otherwise a random one will be sent. :D


1) ALL PFQ RULES APPLY! 2) No limit on how many you can ask for. 3) If you are after a certain Gender/Nature, please link: [url]link goes here[/url] 4) To avoid double posting, if you are the last person who posted, you may PM me. 5) First come, First served.


Shinies are listed in DP. Exclusive/Vairants are x2.
Pokemon Price


Albinos are x2 DP base price. Exclusive/Variants are x4 DP base price.
Pokemon Price


Means are x2 DP base price. Currently no melans at this time. Please check back again in a few days. (hopefully, lol)
Pokemon Price


This is just to make adding up their total price easier for you guys. They are priced as the total amount of their respected specials. :D
Pokemon Price
Anything you can see in any fields is up for dexing.
- Totems: 2k/2gp ea. - Megas: 2k/2gp ea. - Legendaries: 2k/2gp ea. - Custom Sprites: 5k/5gp/1zc - Shinies: 5k/5gp/1zc ea. - Albinos: 10k/10gp/2zc ea. - Melans: 30k/30/6zc ea.


1) All PFQ rules apply 2) You cannot alter the pokemon in anyway, unless discussed before hand, e.g. forme change items... 3) Everything that was traded to you, must be traded back in the event you request their forme change items. 4) Please trade the pokemon back ASAP! Within 5 mins please. 5) Limit is 5 per ask, but you may ask again! PM me to avoid double posting if you were the last to post. 6) You may add to the description of the pokemon you are dexing, so long as you don't alter what is already there and it complies with PFQ standards. 7) Please link which ones you would like to dex: [url]link goes here[/url]
That's all! :D

My Shop: Azlottie's Trade Centre - R/E/V/L Free Fields - PWYW E/V Pairs - S/A/M - Dexing - Trainer Tips - Looking For
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8bitlemon's Avatar8bitlemon
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Hi! thank you so much for this opportunity! I love the variants so much!! could I please adopt https://pokefarm.com/summary/2W_GQ https://pokefarm.com/summary/qwRlw https://pokefarm.com/summary/qNMrX https://pokefarm.com/summary/qS43D
Azlottie's AvatarAzlottie
Azlottie's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by 8bitlemon

Hi! thank you so much for this opportunity! I love the variants so much!!
I love them too, :D Make sure to check out the free fields directory for others who do free fields so you can make awesome pairs!!
Hiya! Might I get this Mudsdale and this Haredini?
S U N N E L I O N sunne ☀ they/them ☀ 19 ☀ 0
S U N N E L I O N summon shop art shop
S U N N E L I O N pfp: me sig img: norowa code: altered
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Avatar from PFQ 2021 advent calendar Journal Art Shop Free Fields Shoppe
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Silver Raven's AvatarSilver Raven
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Hi! May I adopt these pokemon, please? Snoralts Quagsire Gibolu Snichu Solgavern Thank you!
purplepleb's Avatarpurplepleb
purplepleb's Avatar
Hi, please may I have this one? Thanks :3
Amazing avatar by Jormunkeeper!
Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
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[redacted, posted in the wrong shop]
Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
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[accidentally double-posted trying to say i posted in the wrong thread, redacted.]

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