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SoundWave777's AvatarSoundWave777
SoundWave777's Avatar
A discord friend with a pfp of Ingo rekindled my love of Pokemon. I think I joined in 2018, or 2019 (foggy memory it's been a long time), played all the way up to 2020, than quit (occasionally logging on so my account didn't get deleted), only to start playing actively again yesterday. I was planning on getting rid of this account, but realized that would be a waste, considering all the Pokemon I've collected and the friends I've made. I never noticed that there were tasks either, so one or two years of credits was piling up and I had no clue. That's helped me comeplete my legendary dex. And I plan to do shiny/albino hunts to get back into the groove, as well as fishing and growing berries. My main goal is getting Arceus, I'm more than halfway there. I'm exploring the forums as well to chat with people. A main reason I quit was because I thought the game was being deleted, so I saw no point to keep playing (very glad to find out it isn't gonna get deleted).
DrewMH's AvatarDrewMH
DrewMH's Avatar
I think what’s funny between almost every post is that almost everyone (me included) started out on PF1, migrated to PFQ, took a hiatus, and came back. There’s something about this game that still pulls us back to it eventually. I played PF1 all the time as a kid, migrated to PFQ, took a hiatus and then I played religiously in 2018, and took a 4 year hiatus and now I’m back to playing every day. Pokémon is addictive, man.
ÍtsÍndígo's AvatarÍtsÍndígo
ÍtsÍndígo's Avatar
agreed, i started in 2014 and been hooked on and off since , few years here and there and now im daily trying to get arceus rank. still love the game

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