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Dreams & Dimensions RP

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CaptainSkitty's AvatarCaptainSkitty
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https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/347807/Dreams-Dimensions-RP-Setup The RP thread for the above Setup thread!
Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
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(can i make a location called the bar of bitter memories? it would be something similar to the bar constantine constantly uses in the dc comics.)
reality is an illusion and time is a lie, buy goooooooooooold!!!! (and feed my sunflower, their the only real thing in this world ;)) also please click this link to help me hatch some eggs in dragon cave: https://dragcave.net/user/Hearth-fire
Lv. 36 — 2,200 / 3,997
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 27%
Jolly nature
CaptainSkitty's AvatarCaptainSkitty
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Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
Hearth-fire's Avatar
Ephemera sat in the bar as melancholy music flowed through the air, sipping his tequila. how did he drink when he didn't have a mouth? No clue. It was after all, the logic of the bar of bitter memories and dream itself. He was not a a glitched out thumbs up emoji, nor a pokemon, he was a human experimenting upon the realm of dreams. His avatar was simply....Flawed. Ephemera sighed as he put down his glass and snapped his fingers, that were somehow existant yet not existant. "Another round please." the bar attendant (a gardevoir npc who doesn't talk but serves up drinks) nodded and did her usual dance, flipping the two cups around, mixing drinks together before serving the result up to Ephemera. The dream realm truly was a endless pit of talent and worlds. After all, space does not seem to matter when reality bends to the rules of dreams. the missingno quickly finished his drink and slid out of the bar, into the world of dreams.
Seiena's AvatarSeiena
Seiena's Avatar
Marlee will enter the scene so to speak at a dead run. The tiny Meowth mewling in terror. She has no idea where she is and she hasn't seen her human! Hot on her heels is a pack of Feral Lillipup! Marlee is so tired, she just wants to go home. She hasn't noticed Ephemera yet as all her focus is on not being eatten by a pack of dog pokemon.
Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
Hearth-fire's Avatar
ephemera scowled and glanced over, noticing the feral lillipup. the bouncer (a npc machanp) simply walked over and grabbed the ferals by the scruff of their necks and threw them out of the door, before closing it shut on their backs. the bar returned to its peaceful state as ephemera nodded in acknowledgement to the bouncer who nodded back grimly. he approached the meowth and extended a hand he didn't have to help her up. "first time here?"
Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
Hearth-fire's Avatar


Ace took a seat at the bar and started rummaging through his bag. "No, no, no, found it!" He took out an odd block. It seemed to be a blue box, with grey on all sides and corners. Ace studied the box carefully. "Zophan Canister, huh?" He asked to only himself, and slid it back in his bag. "Mind if I grab a drink?" The Umbreon asked. The Gardevoir then handed him a drink. "An odd place this world is...I'm sure I'll find something of use..." He then took a sip.
Credits in Journal, link in About Me.
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Hearth-fire's AvatarHearth-fire
Hearth-fire's Avatar
(cough cough, i control the gardevoir npc and the machamp bouncer, i'll let this one slide tho since its just a drink)
(Oh, alright. Sorry. ;^^)

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