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Shiny chain stuck?

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Zeroshiki's AvatarZeroshiki
Zeroshiki's Avatar
I've hatched 8 Spiritombs so far after hatching 3 Koffings two days ago and PokeRadar isn't registering the Spiritombs. I thought I was mixed up or something yesterday when I hatched 4 Spiritombs, so I just hatched 4 more eggs today and nothing. Is there a fix for this or am I just doing something wrong?
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Gyro Lennox's AvatarGyro Lennox
Gyro Lennox's Avatar
You are on team ghost, so hatching the Spiritomb won't break the chain of Koffing. Best thing to do is hatch another Pokemon like Pichu to reset the chain and then start Spiritomb~
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Zeroshiki's AvatarZeroshiki
Zeroshiki's Avatar
Ohh, okay, that makes sense. Thanks! I thought I broke something lol. ^-^

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