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Dreams & Dimensions RP [Setup]

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CaptainSkitty's AvatarCaptainSkitty
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The Dream World is a fantastical sub-dimension, a transiton between the various normal dimensions and the Distortion Worlds. The closer to the distortion, the crazier the dream and the closer to then normal dimensions, the more mundane the dream. But recently, the various realms that combine the multiverse have been beginning to collide, and people are beginning to wander through into the fantastical dream world.

Special Properties of the Dream World

Low Gravity - For an unknown reason, most of the Dream World has little gravity. Pokemon Only - If a Human enters the Dream World, they become a Pokemon. Dream Logic - Powers are increased in the Dream World, and power is based on the stregnth of one's will. Nightmares - The 'ferals' of the Dream World. They seek to hurt one's willpower. Memory Issues - If someone is heavily injured in the Dream World, it can affect their memories. If someone is heavily injured and then enters the Dream World, they could lose all memories.

Significant Places

The Dream Hub - A hub that links the main realities to that of the Dream World. The Fauxrest - A forest that is both large and hard to navigate, also covered with dark type Nightmares. Distored Isles - The inner part of the Dream World, near the Distortion Worlds. Most of the land is floating as islands with fairy type nightmares.

Submission Form

Name: Species: Age: Gender: Moveset: 1: 2: 3: 4: Backstory/Extras/Appearance/Personality:
I'll make the RP thread if people make characters :)
HaveAcookie's AvatarHaveAcookie
HaveAcookie's Avatar
Name: ephemera Species: missingno Age: 31 Gender: he/him Moveset: 1:rain dance 2:roost 3:wing attack 4:sunny day Backstory/Extras/Appearance/Personality: was a scientist that entered the dream world, he deals in musharna dream mist and other dream related things.he says dreams are actually as real as the things we see when we wake up as everything is made up of ephemera, the chain that binds everything together, but thats just a theory. a DREEEEAAAAAAAM theory, thanks for watching. in his missingno form, his stats and movepool is confined to that of a swellows, so basically hes just a swallow that can't fly but with a missingno sprite.
reality is a illusion and time is a lie, buy gooooooold!(and feed my ALBinosaur, hes the only real thing in this world ;))
Medium Ground Gem

Medium Ground Gem


(: 0)

A medium-sized Ground-type Gem. Visit Ravyne at the Wishforge to convert it into 10 normal-sized Gems.

Sells for 100

Lv. 97 — 28,739 / 35,649
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness MAX
Lonely nature
aside from that, my pfp was made by dr cap on the scp amino, shoutout to my amigo!
CaptainSkitty's AvatarCaptainSkitty
CaptainSkitty's Avatar
... Sure.
HaveAcookie's AvatarHaveAcookie
HaveAcookie's Avatar
so wheres the rp at?
CaptainSkitty's AvatarCaptainSkitty
CaptainSkitty's Avatar
No use in a thread if no-one's there
HaveAcookie's AvatarHaveAcookie
HaveAcookie's Avatar
true that i guess, so it'll only start once more people join?
CaptainSkitty's AvatarCaptainSkitty
CaptainSkitty's Avatar
Name: Storm Species: Jolteon Age: 21 Gender: Male Moveset: 1) Thudershock 2) Swift 3) Pin Missle 4) Double-Edge Backstory/Extras/Appearance/Personality:There's alot to say ahout Storm , but if nothing else you should know that he's devoated and intelligent.
Avatar made by: Galladerox
CaptainSkitty's AvatarCaptainSkitty
CaptainSkitty's Avatar
Seems neat, accepted
Seiena's AvatarSeiena
Seiena's Avatar
Name: Marlee Species: Meowth Age:20 Gender:Female Moveset: 1:scratch 2:Bite 3:Fake Out 4:Pay Day Backstory/Extras/Appearance/Personality:Marlee is a Meowth about the size of a kitten. She was born a runt to a breeder who immediately was disappointed in her due to undesirable traits. He boxed he up and dumped her in the nearby forest before returning back to the ranch. Due to this early abandonment, Marlee is a skittish Meowth with a small s-stutter when she is nervous. She was lucky to have been found weak and alone by a ten year old little boy named Simon. He thought she was the cutest Meowth he had ever seen. It didn't matter to him that she was so small she could ride on his head, Or that her Charm was oversized, and made her top heavy. Nor did it matter that her gentle teal blue eyes were a bit too big. Her cream fur was the softest he had ever pet, and the brown on her legs and tail made her look like she was wearing tiny pants. Simon took Marlee home with him and gently nursed her back to health feeding her formula and eventually weening her onto solid food. She is twenty now and has not grown a bit since the day Simon found her, and Simon is still her ever faithful companion. She even goes with him to work every day. Simon now thirty had grown up to be a manga author. His biggest seller is a romantic comedy manga about a scientist falling in love with the small innocent little Anthromorphic Meowth he had created, and his struggles to protect her from his evil employer. She ends up crossing into the Dream world while trying to find Simon. Prior to her arrival, the building she and Simon live in caught fire and Simon was forced to evacuate without his precious kitten. So for the time the two are seperated.

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