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The Border Between

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(Note: This is my first time doing a fanfic. It's still a widely undeveloped story, so feel free to give me some comments as I try) Chapter 1: The transportation Sometimes I wish I lived in the Pokemon world. I mean, life was easier there. At least, thats what I can tell from my games. Isn't it just a simple life, with a simple goal, with a simple leveling up process to become the (rather easily achievable) best? I mean, even if I wasn't the best of the best, I still could be famous and strong. Yeah, things are definitely simpler there. Sometimes, I wish, I so very wish----- Thats when light started flashing around me. It's a brilliant, white, flashing, when suddenly, the bed I was lying on, the city I lived in, just poofed. Poofed. The solidness of the bed I was lying on gave way, and I fell down. And down And down Until I landed on soft grass. (Of course, there were some twigs here and there, but you get my point) It was night (but it was clearly day where I came from?) The what- From all my life experiences, which weren't much but you get my point, this is not normal. What just happened anyways? Also, what was the distance I fell? How come I'm not um... dead? (Anime logic, falling from a great height doesn't kill you) I sit up, groaning, and I feel that I'm suddenly very unsafe. Um... why am I in the middle of a forest? WHY? This is wrong. WrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongWRONG At this point, I don't even care anymore. I run through the forest. But as I mentioned, it was night and I couldn't see well, so I bonked my head on a tree. Owwwwwwwwww... I sat down, curling up against a tree, when suddenly a glimmer from the nearby bush catches my attention. It seems to be... glowing? I cautiously advance, when a candle like thingy pops out of the bush. And um... moved? towards me????????? It had a purple flame on top of its melting white wax and a... a face on the candle? I stare at it oddly, because it seems kinda familiar. Where?- Oh right. Its a pokemon. Litwick. A ghost and fire type. A pokemon. Wait a minute wha--- The Litwick? advances towards me and smiles at me cutely. Oh- so its friendly I guess. Just as I reach out to stroke it (because thats what you do with cute pokemon amiright?), a voice calls me,"Hey you! Get away from there!" followed by a jet of water being shot in Litwick's general direction. I fall to my butt, and I watch as a girl with short hair emerges, followed by a Wartortle. The Litwick, scared, hides behind me. "Jeez, look here, random girl with a ponytail, I dunno what you're doing in the forest on your own, but if you're so dead set on interacting with Pokemon defenselessly, you're gonna get hurt. The forest is piled with lots of Pokemon, you know? Besides, what are you even doing in the forest at this hour?" Pokemon? LOTS of Pokemon? Wait a minute. Does that mean- I've transcended the border of reality and gone into a universe with Pokemon? Excuse me? (Author's note: And this concludes Chapter One of The Border Between, I'll do another chapter if you guys like this one {I'm fairly active} Feel free to give any suggestions :P)
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