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( SOMEONE IS REPLYING TO THE RP?? IMPOSSIBLE ) Mal wakes up and digs underground to "someone"
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Luna/Sol, She/Her and He/Him pronouns please!! And happy pride month :D
Wish that Albino Jirachi comes home like Ayaka did for me
upcoming: more to come
Pfp credits go to Skitty
Background - Coding by Altered
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{Woah, when did this get revived?}
Detsu looked around, cautious not to let anyone near him while he slept. He didn't wanna be disturbed, especially high up in this tree where if he breathed wrong, he could fall. He took one last glance around and nestled deep into the leaves.
Pfp by yashiro! My Journal :D ~ My RP! "What gives you power? is it your crown? Is it the fact that your king? If respect is the only thing protecting you from... a knife in the back... respect is nothing, right?" Sprites by crescent!
( IKRRRR also can the zoroarks meet? )
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{Sure, I guess? How would that work?}
zetsu gets waken up by mal ))
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Ghost scents Detsu and stays hidden quietly.
Hi-hi! I'm eternalelixer, formerly known as Ihavedisney! I don't get nervous with new people, unless they're higher-up roles
..! (Hover)
I'm a roleplayer and lesbian-demigirl. I'm currently hunting for a Melan or Shiny stufful! check my prgs in my journal~!
All of my links can be found in my about!
Background from Disney-Pixar's 'Turning Red' F2U code by Gumshoe
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Kit sighs and looks around. "What do I need to show you?" she asks Fae. (im quitting soon so i might need to drop out of the rp qwq)
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Code @Altered/Coffee by me/art @kon/sprite @Vio99/avatar
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QUOTE originally posted by derp.queen

(im quitting soon so i might need to drop out of the rp qwq)
[aw :(]
(Rp dead sadje it was so fun back then D: ) Mal sighs, returning back to his hideout, a deactivated Cataclysm Meanwhile with Calidoscope, she seems lonely as she looks at an image of her, sol, lunar and arceus. She then starts singing a lullaby she used to sing for the two "It always feels more quiet in the dark... It always feels so stark... How silence grows under the moon... And it's always gone so soon..."
(bumping, i dont want this to be taken down. I'll ask mods if its ok if i takeover since Eternalelixer has basically vanished and if i could re-instate the sign-ups)

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