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Sunshine filled my room as I sprang up from my bed. Today was the first day of school and all I will get to see all my friends again. My name is Purple, and I live in Seishin Town. Its a small town that is pretty quiet for most of the time. There are no crimes, no politics, no fights. No one visits here often as we are pretty far from all the major towns. My dream is to become a Pokémon trainer, but sadly we have no Pokémon researchers in this area. I pack my bag full of various school supplies and stop at the door. I drop my backpack and go into the living room. My parents died a few years back and I am the only one living here. I have a shrine for them in the living room and always say bye to them when I leave. I say a prayer to them, wishing them a happy day. I pick up my backpack and run off to school. I walk down the empty roads and I don't see anyone walking around. For the first day of school, I would expect everyone to be running there, hoping to make it there on time. My friend calls me on my phone and asks me, "Want to go somewhere today?" I replied, "Dude, its the first day of school, we got to be there in ten minutes." He replied back saying, "Its Saturday moron, come over to my house." He hangs up and I check my phone. Yep, it's Saturday alright. I turn around and head over to his house. Its 90 degrees outside but I felt a chill go down my spine. I make it to his house and he is waiting on my front porch. "Yo, I found a cool place we should go to," he yells from the steps. I roll my eyes and say "Lead the way," in an annoyed tone. We walk for about 10 minutes until we reach an old house with a large fence around it. The windows were cracked, wood from it was peeling, and there were even mice running around it. He hopped the fence and I followed along. "This place doesn't look good, Orange," I said concerningly. He replied, "It's fine, I come here all the time." We entered the house and it looks like a tornado hit it. Paintings were on the ground, the floorboards were broken, and there even was a big hole in the ceiling. We looked around and Orange showed me a tour of the house. He acted like some real estate agent or something. He told me to go upstairs while he uses the bathroom. I walk up the broken stairs and almost fell through. At the top, there was a long hallway aligned with 4 doors. I opened them one by one and they were all just empty bedrooms. At the fourth door, I could here something bouncing on the bed. I assumed it was probably Orange playing a trick on me so I opened the door and was going to try and scare him. I saw him jumping on the bed and I snuck up behind him. Then my phone vibrated and I saw that Orange had texted me. He said he is outside and told me he found something cool. I suddenly realized the thing on the bed wasn't Orange. I looked up at my phone and saw it looking at me. It had small purple eyes and its body seemed to have a shadowy feature to it. I was paralyzed in fear as it walked towards me. I ran out the door until I felt a fist pull on my back. It was soft and gentle and wasn't hard to escape out of. I then started to get a major headache, it felt like my brain was going to explode. I looked at the figure and it looked back at me with a smile. It opened its mouth and whispered "Espurrr". I soon realized it was a Pokémon. My headache went away and it wavered my hand to make it grab it and carry it like a baby. "Do you want to come with me?" I asked hastily, still caught off guard. It nodded yes and smiled at me. I smiled back and I hugged it as tight as I can. I now have a Pokémon and my dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer will finally come true. I then went down the stairs and fell down head first. The Pokémon waved its hand and I was levitated down the stairs. I walked out the door and saw Orange looking at me as I walked out. "Wh-what is that you got there, Purple?" he asked shocked. I said, "This is my new Pokémon, Espurr!" I said excited. He patted its head and said, "So are you now officially a trainer?" I looked at Espurr and it looked at me back. "Yes." I said. "Yes I am." Orange said, "Oh yeah, I found this on the ground. Maybe it can help you?" He handed over this red book thing with a scanner. It said "Pokedex" on it. I turned it on and it told me to scan a Pokémon to get its information. I scanned Espurr and it told me all its information. "Wow this is so cool!" I said excited. Orange's phone started ringing. He answered it and was talking for 5 minutes. He then hung up and said, "My mom is taking me to a Pokémon lab in Hajime Town to get me my first Pokémon too!" I then said, "Woah, that's amazing! Can I come with you so I can challenge the gym there?" He replied, "Sure, lets go back to my place so my mom can drop us off." We raced back to his house and Espurr looked tough. I said, "Don't worry, Espurr. You will be the strongest Pokémon in all of Keizai!" Purple's Team so far:
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is there gonna be another chapter? (not trying to pressure just wondering, its okay if not!)
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Of course there is! I actually have 8 all ready to go! However I don't want to try and spam here so I'm just posting them spread out

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