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Are certain Pokemon species more likely to have certain natures?

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maeblythe's Avatarmaeblythe
maeblythe's Avatar
While I was hatching for type race, I was getting Impish natures almost every party. Today, I've hatched over 100 Rookidee, and I've gotten nine with Impish natures. However, at one point I got an entire party with docile nature. Should I switch what I'm hatching to be able to get five tokens from the tournament, or is my luck just not the best today?
Prometheus's AvatarPrometheus
Prometheus's Avatar
It's completely random unless the pair the pokemon are bred from are holding everstones. Everstones have a 50% chance of passing down the nature of the pokemon holding it to the pokemon that's bred from it. If you haven't hatched many Impish Rookidee, I assume no one/not many people are breeding Impish natured ones.
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maeblythe's Avatarmaeblythe
maeblythe's Avatar
Thank you so much! I did give the docile Rookidee I put in the daycare an everstone so that I would never accidentally evolve it. (It's just too cute!) I'll go back to hatching for type race! Thank you so much for pointing out what was going on!

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