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Selling summon items - LF GP/ZC/ghost & dark gems

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DarkraiSoul's AvatarDarkraiSoul
DarkraiSoul's Avatar
can i buy your nightmare shroud at 50zc
× 63 / 1250
Creambevroe's AvatarCreambevroe
Creambevroe's Avatar
Your 3 Lustrous Orbs(40 ZC) and 2 Hyperspace Rings(25 ZC) for 170 ZC?
Forum Avatar of Cream by MochaFox!
MothsandFrogs's AvatarMothsandFrogs
MothsandFrogs's Avatar
May I please buy both your inari lamps for 300GP?
Please think about checking out my art shop and my general shop! Art Shop General Shop Will buy or trade for blue soul dews. 215GP|215K C|43ZC
InsaneMandii's AvatarInsaneMandii
InsaneMandii's Avatar
nevermind c:
Icon by Cepheus Thunderjaw is the best. The end. Shop here. I made a shop too! Here.
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
All above offers are accepted, please send labelled trades.
"We can only be who we are, no more, no less" Kahlan Amnell (from Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind) Written Adventures - a roleplayers clan Pan and Paper - a writers clan Avatar is a recoloured official sprite made by LittleFairy for me
RogueWolf26's AvatarRogueWolf26
RogueWolf26's Avatar
Hiya, may I please buy your Fire Fang for 50zc? :3
Fire Fang
Ice Fang
Thunder Fang
Dragoness's AvatarDragoness
Dragoness's Avatar
I see no spot for Radiat Petals, do you happen to have any?
I am a IV breeder, check out my shop Buying ALL Raident Petals for 150ZC. Current Funds: 7269411740110
LilyValley's AvatarLilyValley
LilyValley's Avatar
Hi, may I get the 3 Lustrous Orbs for 4 Medium Dark Gems and 550 GP? EDIT: If I'm too late to that, can I get the Ruby Orb for the 4 med Dark and 190 GP?
Avatar drawn by me - https://pokefarm.com/upload/LilyValley/Dust_iconre.png
Calle's AvatarCalle
Calle's Avatar
RogueWolf26: yes, I'll send it to you. Dragoness: what you see in the table is all I have for sale at the moment. LilyValley: Unfortunately the Lustrous Orbs were already sold, but I'd love to sell my ruby orb to you. I'll send it to you.
FriendlyFace's AvatarFriendlyFace
FriendlyFace's Avatar
Do you still have the white stone? If not then that’s alright :)
Hey there guys :) HIGH QUALITY ART SHOP: [Link] Profile Picture: Midnight - PupperCakes :D ⭐️ EXTRA SPECIAL MELAN AUCTIONS ⭐️ [Link] I buy ’s for 70zc each, send a trade :)

Pages: 1234

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