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Marune | Female | Naganadel

Marune looked at Silver as they had leaned over her shoulder. "Then how come so many of our species was taken over by you and your humans?" Silver asked angrily. Marune held onto one of Silver's many tentacles to calm them down but it didn't do much help. Marune heard some clattering from behind him and saw a little pokemon. "Oh! Hello there, little one. My name's Marune, what's your name? Are you hungry? We have plenty of food for you here." She said and did her best to seem nonthreatening to the much smaller pokemon.
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Amethyst "No, Detsu, its okay. She can see me." She replied telepathically with a story showing in her head from her childhood. "You and her are good pokemon, and I wouldn't have come to you if you weren't." She floated out from behind Detsu, and looked at the other pokemon with him. "Hi I am Amethyst. What is your name?" she said to the other pokemon. Unlike Detsu, she couldn't figure out her name. (I might not be able to RP after 3:00 on the account of being busy.)
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Detsu held out more strawberries to Amethyst and laid down in the middle of the road. He looked at the sky and sunk into his thoughts. "Where....am I?" He thought to himself. These pokemon seemed nice enough. "What were they talking about? We never caught any Ultra Beasts-" He thought once more. "Who..... who am I?"
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