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Around the Universe Adventure [Crossover] - RP

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As Herb entered Striaton City of the Unova region, he took a breath out of the Unovian air. "Isn't this great Oddish? We finally get to see Unova!" The Oddish smiled. "This should be the first city with a gym here but we can't go there yet." His Oddish looked at him in confusion. "You must be confused right Oddish? Well, the reason we won't enter the gym right now is because there's two or more creatures coming! Let's wait for them!" The Oddish nodded in agreement as they waited for their friends to come.
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And, as if on cue, a blond boy dashed right past Herb. He seemed to be.. panicked? Which made sense, a Munna was trailing right behind him, visibly drooling. "WHAAAAGH WHYAREYOUCHASINGMEWHYAREYOUCHASINGME?!" He yelled, at this point just running in circles. The Munna seemed more confused than anything. A bristling Buneary ended up joining the chaotic party, swiftly using Pound against the pink Pokemon. That seemed to shake it off, leaving the boy to catch his breath. "... ... ... ..Oh, hi!"
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Ralsei entered Striaton City when he a blond boy running away from something that looks like a Munna. "Kris? Susie? Are you ready for a fresh new adventure?" Said him to his Pokemon which seems to be answering his question in an excited manner. "Good! Umm.. hi everyone!"
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"Wonderful! It looks like everybody is here!" The plant loving cookie got ready to introduce himself. "My name is Herb Cookie, I came from Earthbread! It's so nice to meet you guys!" Said Herb excitedly
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The boy was panting, but seemed to be no longer panicked (or at least, as panicked) by the Munna. Probably because his Buneary companion was glaring at it, daring it to try that again. ..These were probably the other people that were invited, right? He seemed to be the only human of the trio. That just made it more exciting! Oh wait-- were they already doing introductions? Things had been moving fast every since he got here, jeez! "Are we introducing ourselves? I'm Mike! ..From uh, Washington state, I guess?"

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