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Galar region

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There are three characters to eneter in as as for I already took the first one there are two left to enter as Azazi (10 year old pokkemon trainer girl) and Nathan (10 uear old pokemon trainer boyj and as a npc from the orignal game sword and shield so there are not more girls than boys hop and my character Olivia and then Azazi and Nathan and hop set out on a journey for the gym challenge to beat leon utimimently for one to become champion. (Axolotl my sweet child.) Olivia looked up from her phone and saw Hop, Azazi, and Nathan out the window who happened to be walking with their partners Hop had shiny wooloo Azazi had a shiny fenniken which was nicknamed fox it was from her grandma because her grandma lives in kalos, and Nathan had Pecha the shiny deerling from his cousin in unova. Olivia looked beside her at her shiny eevee who from the tail pattern was a female after a while Olivia also had Axolotl the wooper from her mom but Hop, Azazi, and Nathan also got their second pokemon from their moms hop got chikorita Azazi got purrlion, and Nathan got machop but she wondered what her theid pokemon would be. mod edit: posts merged

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