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Inherriting IV for non-breed Pokemon

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Suggestion Title: Inherriting IV for non-breed Pokemon Suggestion Summary: Since Nature breeding is possible for nonbreed Pokemon by giving one Pokemon in your Party an Everstone I figured the same could be Possible for IV Breeding and the Destiny Knot. However in case of Party inheriting we'd have to make sure there are 2 „parents“ that can inherit their Ivs. So the suggestion is that if you hatch a Pokemon without parents AND have 2 Pokemon from the same egg holding a destiny Knot in your party you inherit IV's the same way they would if it had daycare parents holding a Destiny Knot. This could be combined using a third Pokemon holding an Everstone for Nature inheriting. Positive points: Would allow to hunt for the perfect nature IV Pokemon no matter where it comes from/ if it has parents. Negative points: Using 3 Party slots makes this a huge investment. This could be cut down to 2 party slots if a Destiny Knot + Everstone combination would inherit the Ivs of the 2 item holding pokemon, but only the nature of the other. Reason For Consideration: With nature hunting being possible without actual parents I dont see why this shouldnt be possible for IV's and I have seen more than one person trying to get their hands on better IV Pokis. Also it consuming multiple party slots makes it an investment that in my humble opinion warrants the benefit!
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Let me start by saying I give this suggestion a huge support! As an avid IV breeder, it pains me that there isn't a way to IV hunt Legendaries and Ditto and I believe this suggestion is the way to go about it. I do have some suggestions for it as well as more positive points. - I'd suggest making this possible just for Legandaries, Ditto and Tournament Pokemon which can only be obtained via summoning, supplier and tournament shop (and lab for Ditto). While there is no harm in having second way to IV breed other Pokemon via Supplier as they lack parents, having this more narrowed to Legends, Ditto and Tournament Pokemon to me seems more plausible. It's still easier to IV breed via Daycare. Although, if someone wants to IV hunt Pichu via Supplier, again, I don't think it is an issue so I guess either way works. - I don't see why would we need two Pokemon in party for IVs? I'd prefer keeping it simple - one Pokemon with knot for IVs, other with Everstone for nature. However, for the sake of consistency and difficulty, in case of two Pokemon needed for IV breeding, I'd suggest both Pokemon holding knot, with third holding Everstone for nature. - If this is implemented, Master badge would be more desired for IV boost it provides. I see this as a positive point in addition to this being a potential currency sink if people decide to invest in IV hunting legends via Supplier. As for any negative points, I genuinely fail to see any, including one in the Suggestion post. It is balanced in a sense that it retains difficulty and requires engagement yet still makes it possible for users to achieve getting 6IV Pokemon without parents.
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