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Crimson stars Chapter 1

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The egg shell was cracking as it was hatching a tough wind came trough the entrence of the medeoker cave. The egg was shaking vigorously, as though trying to escape a master ball. Finally out came a pokemon never seen before in a long time. She was called a kitsume. Kitsume evolved into Kitsune which was a mythical pokemon of old. The tiny kitsume looked around and all she saw was a ancient language inscripted in the wall which read “Moon Rising”. The kitsume thought ’is that my name?’. The kitsume thought so so now her name is Moon Rising or just Moon. Moon looked around to now seeing the entrace. So she scrambled up the rocks and looked outside. She saw various vivillon with different colors. But one thing she saw made her run a wildfire. So she ran fir the mountains. Moon ran but fell on a ledge knocked out. But she was being dragged by something but what?

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