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Shiny Chains?

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VanïllaDemon's AvatarVanïllaDemon
VanïllaDemon's Avatar
I've just recently got my PokeRadar and according to the Pokefarm wiki I can only chain up to 38 Pokemon without HyperMode. I was wondering if after the 38th Pokemon, the chain resets immediately?
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Myself20's AvatarMyself20
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No. The chain would show something like this:
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ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
It will not reset what that meant was that for non-HM users their maximum boost of 1,277% (it's rounded up on the wiki) will be reached after you hatch 38 eggs.
VanïllaDemon's AvatarVanïllaDemon
VanïllaDemon's Avatar
This is another kind of related question but what is a "Long Chain Bonus"?
Mystera's AvatarMystera
Mystera's Avatar
The long chain bonus starts when you hit 100 eggs hatched and increases with every additional 100 eggs. It slightly increases your odds of hatching a melanistic Pokemon, assuming you have the albino radar active. (melans are what happens when an egg hatches as both shiny and albino at the same time and are dark or black in color) This Wiki page talks about the mechanics of it.
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VanïllaDemon's AvatarVanïllaDemon
VanïllaDemon's Avatar
Two more questions! Are you able to hunt both Alolan Vulpix and regular at the same time without them overwriting each other or do they qualify as two separate Pokemon? Also on my shiny's history, it says it was 1/56 in chain, but according to the shiny hunting page it was hatched 57/38 in chain. What does that number refer to?
Summerstrider's AvatarSummerstrider
Summerstrider's Avatar
1. I believe they count as different pokemon! 2. 1/56 in chain means the number of shinies in a chain(in this case, 1). 57/38 means the number of eggs hatched in the chain.
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Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
1. They count as different. The easiest way to tell is if they have separate egg dexes. So Nidoran M/F and the Shellos forms can be hatched in the same chain, but the Alolan/Galar forms, PFQ variants and their cannon bases, and Unown letters cannot. 2. 1/59 means that was the first shiny in your chain, and was the 59th egg hatched. The 57 in 57/38 is how many eggs you've hatched in your current chain, and the 38 is representing the shiny bonus level you're on, achieved after hatching at least 38 eggs. For non-HM users, 38 is the max, while HM users get 40. (The difference is bigger than it sounds, since the boost growth is non-linear)

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