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Possmol-to-Opposkull; missing Opposham Dex

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Sneaky Shadow's AvatarSneaky Shadow
Sneaky Shadow's Avatar
Thursday, after I had traded my Possmol with a friend so he could get a Dex entry, I had accepted the Possmol back and evolved it into Opposham. After it had evolved into Opposham, I had evolved it into Opposkull with a Black Sludge at Lv. 35. But it seems that the Opposham Dex did not register, and it's all X's. The Opposham evolution also isn't listed on its Timeline. I checked my Trading History and saw that it also hadn't been carrying an Everstone at the time. I was on my mobile at the time (with a Chrome browser) instead of my desktop (Maxthon Cloud) since I was out of the house for a few hours that day. Help, please?
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It is a split evolution, Possmol can evolve into either Opposham or Opposkull. You will need another Possmol to get Opposham.
Sneaky Shadow's AvatarSneaky Shadow
Sneaky Shadow's Avatar
That's weird. I thought that when I was on my mobile, I had evolved it into Opposham, and then evolved it into Opposkull with a Black Sludge. I'm probably being forgetful, so I apologize. Though looking at what you said about it being a Split Evolution, I understand what you're saying, and you're right. Thanks for the explanation, and thanks for the help! @u@

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