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Experience with breeding exclusive egg rates

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IvoryReilly's AvatarIvoryReilly
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Okay, time for a little math. I did 224k clicks and in those 24 hours I've hatched 435 eggs. I still have 26 eggs in the daycare. So that's basically 460 eggs. About 60-70 eggs came from using the gigaremo so let's say 400 eggs by clicking and no extra boost. That's still 1 egg every 500-600 clicks on average. Considering I do 80k clicks a day as a bare minimum that's about 133 eggs per day without using the red gigaremo. More often I get to 120k clicks which would be 200 eggs per day. That's all with a 99% pair at lvl 50, no level gap and max happiness. Now this is not an exact science and based on 1 single day. Are other people experiencing the same rates? Is this a normal rate given all the variables or was this one very lucky day for me? If this is not a very lucky day, I plan on only using the red gigaremo when Niet counter is active otherwise I'll have way more eggs than I can hatch a day (considering I'm hatching 10k eggs).
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IvoryReilly's AvatarIvoryReilly
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Yes I know that post! I've read it 4 or 5 times already before starting my hunt but unfortunately I didn't read anything about the egg rates and that's what I wanna know about.

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