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Cool Wonder Trade finds?

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golden-daisy's Avatargolden-daisy
golden-daisy's Avatar
Just a couple of minutes ago, I got this albino below and wondered if anyone else has gotten cool wonder trades? Every once in a while I get legendaries but this is my first time getting an S/A! Edit: Let's keep this on topic... only wonder trades and stuff related to wonder trade. Edit 2: Anything counts as cool, not just shinies or albinos. For me, I get super excited over getting legendaries through wonder trade. If it made you happy, then post it!
avatar by katebishop
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
My first few months, I started wonder-trading (June of 2019), and I got this beauty, my first shiny I obtained. I never got to thank whoever put him in the wonder trade, so if you’re reading this, reaperkun, I can’t thank you enough -
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Thank you for all the continued support, I appreciate it :)
I collect Normal-Type Deltas since I love Normals ! I also collect Special Deltas (shiny deltas and albino deltas) depending if I have the money! Collecting Delta Azurills, Marills, and Azumarills :3 Collecting Gracidea Seeds !
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Abyssal's AvatarAbyssal
Abyssal's Avatar
I was mass wonder trading my left over miniors I didn't collect anymore a week ago and got a abino grubbin <>-<>
golden-daisy's Avatargolden-daisy
golden-daisy's Avatar
Look at this cutie!!! My luck is so good, haha
Paramew's AvatarParamew
Paramew's Avatar
(Not super good at the coding, but I'm getting there!) I got this albiny bat early on in the wonder trade game!
Dogmage999's AvatarDogmage999
Dogmage999's Avatar
Puppod Nothing special but irs a fakemon so that counts right?
Taking scrap metal, glaceon, credit, and perfect berry donations!
TwilightMisty's AvatarTwilightMisty
TwilightMisty's Avatar
Beautiful. Did a little paper-clipping. Edit: A few moments later oh my doG
aminahhime's Avataraminahhime
aminahhime's Avatar
Edited because I totally confused the wonder trade with shelter finds oop- But my first mega evolved Pokemon is this guy here I got through the Wonder Trade a while back! I also got a couple of albino Ghastlys, too in the past!
avatar is miwako sakurada from the paradise kiss anime <3
Ice Queen's AvatarIce Queen
Ice Queen's Avatar
I got this ducky
credit: GnarleyQuinn
Shania13171's AvatarShania13171
Shania13171's Avatar
Just got this cutie!

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