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Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar

Hello there!

Shinies / Albinos UFT

  • ~Important!~
Additional payment options: This is not mentioned in the following Tabs, but is meant for all of them! You may offer Summon Items instead of the mentioned payment options for my available Shinies and/or Albinos. = 350 = 300 Other Summon Items are accepted at Market Price. You must however reach the GP value of whatever Shinies/Albinos you want to buy. If the items you offer exceed the GP-value of the Shiny/Albino(s) you want to buy, please take into account that I´m not paying back the difference.
Click the tabs/images above to see available Shinies or Albinos along with their prices. Note: The moment you bought them, they are yours. You may do whatever you want with it.
* I am maintaining all these codes as good as I can, however it is possible I may miss editing a Pokémon out... so in case you find one such Pokémon (or more) I will reward you for finding my mistake with a Flawless Ground Gem. I´m only a Cubone, I´m not free of making mistakes ^^'


Prices per Shiny: 175,000 / 150 / 35 Available Shiny Arasprits: M/Dry/Mild; M/Dry/Rash; M/Sour/Relaxed; F/Dry/Rash; M/Dry/Mild;


Prices per Shiny: 175,000 / 150 / 35 Available Shiny Puppod: M/Dry/Rash; F/Spicy/Brave; M/Sweet/Hasty; M/Sweet/Naive; F/Sweet/Naive; M/Any/Hardy;


Prices per Shiny: 4,500,000 / 4,000 / 900 9x / 9x any
Available Shiny Zygarde: F/Dry/Quiet; M/Sweet/Naive; F/Any/Serious; M/Any/Serious; F/Sweet/Naive; F/Sour/Bold; M/Sour/Relaxed; M/Sweet/Jolly; M/Sweet/Jolly;


Prices per Albino: 3,000,000 / 2,500 / 600 6x / 6x any
Available Albino Groudon: F/Any/Serious; F/Sour/Impish; M/Sour/Impish; M/Dry/Rash; M/Bitter/Sassy; M/Sweet/Jolly; M/Bitter/Sassy; M/Any/Serious; F/Sweet/Timid; F/Bitter/Gentle; M/Bitter/Sassy;


Prices per Albino: 2,000,000 / 1,750 / 400 4x any / 4x any
Available Albino Landorus: M/Any/Docile; M/Sweet/Hasty; M/Dry/Mild; M/Dry/Mild; M/Dry/Rash;


Prices per Albino: 175,000 / 150 / 35 Available Albino Petripeep: Sweet/Naive; Sour/Lax; Any/Hardy; Sweet/Jolly;
Thanks for stopping by!
Buying: Ruby Orbs for 60 and Order's Crests for 70 each. PM me or check out my shop Avatar by Temporal
Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
Astau's AvatarAstau
Astau's Avatar
Hello! Could I buy this Zygarde for credits?
Avatar by Kaffoum
Jesselin's AvatarJesselin
Jesselin's Avatar
Can I buy this cute little girl? https://pokefarm.com/summary/t5f7x
Feed the little marshmallow please
Avatar by ghastie :3
pïnweapples's Avatarpïnweapples
pïnweapples's Avatar
hello! could i get this arasprit for 150gp please? :)

(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)♡

♥ be kind ♥ squadjournal
Roki's AvatarRoki
Roki's Avatar
Could I get this Arasprit and this Landorus for ZC please?
Avatar made for me by naeriie! Her Twitter
Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
Sent out trades to all of you c:
Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
bump c:
Miky's AvatarMiky
Miky's Avatar
Hello! May i get 2 female albinio Zygardes? Any nature is fine! I'll be paying in ZC c:
Karakara's AvatarKarakara
Karakara's Avatar
Hi ^^ gladly I send the trade and gift.

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