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Unlocking Alolan Summons

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Fenny's AvatarFenny
Fenny's Avatar
I recently made a post for a different question here but I'm here again because I remembered another question I had. To unlock the Tapus, you have to get 96 Alolan Pokedex entries. However, I've unlocked every Pokemon I can get at the moment and the only ones I haven't gotten are the Legendaries, Ultra Beasts, and Type: Null along with Silvally, yet I only have 94 found. All of the Pokedex entries I haven't gotten yet would require either doing other Legendary unlocks just so that I can fill up to the requirement or having legendaries I can only get after unlocking the Tapus. I've tried getting Alolan forms, but those didn't make the counter go up. What do I do in this situation?
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Abyssal's AvatarAbyssal
Abyssal's Avatar
you could ask for the legendaries dexing, since those will count towards the goal!
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
Alolan Diglett/Dugtrio are missing from your Dex, as well as Magearna, Marshadow and Zeraora that are all available to you.
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