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Fighting Types Martial Arts

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GeorgieKun13's AvatarGeorgieKun13
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I currently practice 3 different martial arts. I have been taking Kali (Filipino stick fighting) and Wing Chun Do (not the same as traditional Wing Chun
It was created by Sijo James Demile and is based off of earlier Bruce Lee, as opposed to JKD, which is based off of later Bruce Lee. Alot of street fighting techniques have been added to the art.
) classes for 3 years each now, and have recently started taking a Muay Thai (Thai boxing- the art of 8 limbs) class. I thought it would be nice to hunt melans based off of each of those 3 martial arts. I've done a little research, but alot of fighting types have multiple possible arts that they may be based off of, so I thought I'd see if anyone here has some more info and/or ideas. Kali: Not really a "Kali" Pokémon out there. Farfetch'd- uses a stick? Not exactly Kali, but...? Gallade/Mega Gallade- based on sword fighting (one of Kali's many weapons) Wing Chun Do: Mienshao- possibly based on Gung Fu (WCD is a type of Gung Fu), and has some traditional Wing Chun Traits Scrafty- based off of street fighting (has some similar traits to WCD) Pangoro- also based on street fighting, and dark type
We have something called "dark side" where you go from perfectly calm to "rip, tear, and mangle" mode (that's how my Sifu explains it).
Muay Thai: Hitmonlee- Uses lots of kicks like both Thai boxing and kick boxing. Some people say it's more like Taekwondo, but he's named after Bruce Lee who did Wing Chun and JKD, both of which are Gung Fu, not Taekwondo. Blaziken/Mega Blaziken- Same as Hitmonlee (minus the name thing)
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that sounds like a great idea! in the end it's your choice on what you want to hunt :3
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