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Return from the Void - RP Thread

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Shade Shade walked up after she looked around, Coral ran and jumped into the water with a happy squeal, Sandy tried staying away from the water, "Wow... it's pretty here." Shade mumbled as she looked at her reflection, "I don't doubt it, the pokemon here must also keep it clean..." She trailed off as she looked into a nearby bush which was shaking.
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Ruben nodded as he checked their water supply. Noteing that the cantines were a bit low he bent down and began to fill them with water. Being extra careful not to contaminate the water. Ruben capped the cantines and looked up in time to see Coral jump in. He watched as his newly caught Slowpoke lazily swam in the water. Sparky sniffing the edge a bit more before finally deeming it safe and trotted over to Ruben. The Shinx sat himself next to his trainer and watched unamused by the Slowpoke scooping up water with her mouth and spat it out at Coral. Ruben sat back and started scratching his Shinx behind the ears "Wonder what other type of pokemon live around here. Water can bring togeather all kinds of pokemon" the teen said as he looked around. He wondered where exactly everyone ended up at. If things were dire they could always have their pokemon throw moves up into the air as a sort of beaken.

Pages: 123··· 202122

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