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Return from the Void - RP Thread

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SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
Ruben gritted his teeth as the Slowpoke finally managed to get in a tackle. One that sent Sparky rolling. That wouldnt have been such a heavy hit if the Slowpoke hadnt used cursed twice now. Sparky got up on shaky legs just as the Slowpoke charged for another tackle. Ruben was stuck, trying to figure out what he should do. It was nearly when the Pyschic types attack was just about to make contact with the shinx that Ruben finally managed to get an idea. "Sparky use Thunder Shock!!" Ruben commanded. The Shinx didnt hesitate to gather the electricity that its muscles produced and shoot it at the Slowpoke. The attack hit and the Slowpoke was thrown back. It attempted to get up after landing only to suddenly freeze as a coating of electricity covered her form. Ruben recognized this as paralization and took this moment to send Sparky another order. "Use tackle!" The slowpoke look up in time for Sparky to slam into it head first and send it back again. It hit a tree and slid down the trunk, flinching in pain and unable to get up from broth exhustion and the status condition. Ruben took once again used the same pokeball and threw it at the Slowpoke. This time the pink pokemon couldnt hit it back and with a bonk it hit its head. The ball opened and in a flash of red light the Slowpoke was sucked into the ball. The pokeball fell to the ground and started shaking, Ruben held his breath waiting for the ball to click. Finally after what seemed like forever. The pokeball stopped moving and clicked, stars flying out signaling that the pokemon with in was caught. Ruben cheered as he ran over to his pokemon healing him from his injuries and praising him for his hard work.
((Dang, was hoping to carry it out a bit more, anyways-)) ((Imma make Shade as well miss this Espurr, but eventually run into it again)) Shade was too busy with the purple cat pokemon to notice Ruben's success, she then yelled out for Sandy to use bite once more, in which he did, this time hitting the Espurr. Shade grabbed out an empty pokeball and threw it at the wounded Espurr, that was then lying on the ground, as Shade went to go throw the ball, the cat pokemon stood up, it was weak and shaky ut managed to dodge the pokeball, it turned to the pokeball as it flew past it and then stared at Shade, before anyone can do anything it then ran into a nearby bush and vanished. Shade gave a groan, "Awhh, I wanted to catch it," She whined, she then looked over at the spot where the Espurr had vanished, she gave a slight smile, she was ready for a battle with it again, when it was much stronger. Shade then looked over at Ruben and saw the Slowpoke in the ball, "Congrats!" She excitedly said with a smile to him, "And good job Sparky," she turned to Sparky with the smile still on her face. Sandy then walked up to them with a disappointed face, as if it were his fault he couldn't let Shade catch the Espurr, Coral stood next to them. ((Gonna end it here for now-))
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SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
((oops sorry XD, I'll ask the bext time in case if we do this agaian in the future. Sorry again for cutting it short)) Ruben finished tending to Sparky when Shade came over and congratulated their success. The blue eyed teen smiled "thank you Shade" he said as Sparky looked up at shade and let out a slightly friendly "Shiiii". That was his way of saying thank you. Once Ruben was sure that Sparky was patched up he turned all his attention to Shade and her pokemon and took notice of Sandys expresstion. It was not hard for Ruben to realize why the trapinch was sad. He looked around and frowned before looking back to Shade "did the Espurr get away?" he asked as he stood up.
((Pft- it's cool, better getting it done then letting it drag on, either way the Espurr woulda fled)) Shade Shade put an arm on her head with a slight smile feeling a bit embarrassed to admit, "Yeah it did," she paused, then turned to almost serious look as she looked back where it ran to, "But I have a feeling we will find it again, once we're more stronger, then we'll catch it!" She spoke as she then turned to Ruben, even then Sandy jumped up ready for what was to come, he wanted another battle with the Espurr. Coral sat down, she knew she was going to get a battle eventually, and plus it was Sparky's battle with the Espurr, she then went to hype Sandy up for the next time as she also congratulated Sparky for getting a new buddy. "Hey... maybe it would be good to get the group and tell them about the pond? I mean if there was a pond- we could check, that way we know a water source if needed?"
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
Ruben felt bad for the trainer and pokemon. But Shades postive energy made his smile. She was right, the forest was big but sometimes things just tended to go someones way. Shade was a good trainer if those words had resured her pokemon Sandy enough to bring her out of her sadness. He looked back to Shade when she braught up a very good and important point. The teen nodded "your right. Let me just heal the Slowpoke I caught and we can ask them if they could led us to the water" Ruben said as he called out the injured Slowpoke. Ruben immidately started tending to the pink pokemon the moment she came out of the pokeball. It was only then that he realized that this Slowpoke was female. He gave a thoughtful hum as he thought of a name for his new team member while he cured her of her status condition. Once he was done he smiled and patted the Slowpoke between the ears. The slowpoke who had been very weary for Ruben at first practically melted when he started to scratch her head. "hey, do you think you could lead us to a source of eater girl, pretty please with a chari barry ontop" he asked with a smile as he stopped scratching the Slowpoke. The Psychic type pokemon blinked up at him for a moment before waddling back in the direction she had been headed before the battle. She looked over her shoulder and motioned to follow before waddling into the shrubbery. Ruben took the initative and started walking after his new team member.
((Took a bit due to motivation+ seeing if anyone else would type their line-)) Shade Shade looked around as she waited, it was a dark but pretty forest, as most were. She then looked over at the Slowpoke as it was called out and healed, it was a pretty pink color. As Ruben asked it the pond question she was lost in thought, that was until Coral and Sandy both followed the Slowpoke and then Shade snapped out of her thoughts and started walking, "Wait... do you know how we're meant to find the group? We split up but where do we meet-up?" She asked, she started to get concered since she didn't know a way to contact or know where the group was, or even if they were still in the group and not just out, the forest was huge, how were they meant to find each other? Xavier I'll do him next line
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
Ruben stood up and followed the Slowpoke into the brush. He was once again lost in thought as he tried to think of a good name for the new Slowpoke on his team. He was brought out of his thoughts by Shades lagitamit concern. The teen smiled and motioned to Sparky who was padding a foot infront of Ruben, keeping his eyes on the Slowpoke in front of them. "Sparky can track anyone in our group down using his nose" Ruben said with a smile "We can always meet up in the clearing as well, At lest I assue thats where Merci would have had us meet up again." Ruben added as he looked up and stroked his chin with his thumb and index finger. "I should have asked where we were supposed to meet up again after we were done exploring this area" Ruben said with a sigh and sweat dropped
Shade Shade gave off a sigh of relief as she continued to follow the slowpoke, "Hey don't worry, you and me both should have seeing as we both were going to leave the group." She spoke as she continued to walk, the Eevee and Trapinch both following behind the Slowpoke.
Xavier Xavier was almost done with the food, the Litwick and Axew were out of the ruins training against each other. Xavier then walked over to his bag and grabbed out 3 bowls, the food he made was pokemon and trainer safe so anyone can enjoy the meal. He called the two over and they both raced over, neither of them hurt since they only trained safely if they were by theirself. He put some food in each bowl as he gave one to Axew and one to Litwick, he then made himself a bowl, they all started to eat. He wanted to train a little with the two before they had to sleep since they all were getting tired.
Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
Ryko Eon's Avatar
Mercei looked down at the female still pinning the Shinx down, "Well you seem to have this under control, no doubt you can find me again when ready, so I'll leave you to it." she didn't feel like she had to look over them right now, this was a fairly tame area and the chances of any severe injuries were virtually non-existent, she could leave them be for a while, supressing those instincts of hers was... painful, but she had to do it here to be safe, and with that, she left through the bushes again, delving deeper into this forest, coming across a interesting looking rock, covered in moss and cool to the touch, the woman wasn't quite sure what this was buuuuuuuut... "I have no idea when we'll come across something like this again... it would be a good opportunity..." she took the capsule and flicked open a tiny panel, something akin to a chisel materialising from it, "I'm sure a few Leaf Stones wouldn't hurt too much."
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
After a bit of walking, the Slowpoke finally walked through some bushes. Past these bushes it opened up into a open round area. The lake was located here with trees surronding it. The lake also had some rocks in and around it, with pebble riddled banks. The slowpoke let out a lazy call before waddling over to the watter and getting in. Sparky padded over to the edge of the water and catiously sniffed the bank. Ruben looked around and walked closer to the water. "Wow this water looks so clear and clean!" he chirped as he watched his reflection in the water. "guess not many people found this area before.

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