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Return from the Void - RP Thread

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SueSue's AvatarSueSue
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Ruben walked into the forest and turned his head to look at Shade who was walking beside him. The blue-eyed teen looked forward again as he thought about how to go about awnsering her question. Finally the teen spoke " well....it wasnt as much as wanting to come. It was more of a responsiblity" Ruben said with a shrug. He would miss his home dearly, but he was needed here and even if he had a choice he would still come along with this group. They would need someone as a doctor incase accadients occured. "I was told to come along in a dream by Giritina himself and one would be crazy to disobey a being thats god like in power. That and well, every team needs a medic right. I wouldnt be able to sleep soundly knowning that all of you are running around in the wild with out someone in the medical feild" Ruben added. "why did you come along?? if you dont mind me asking" Sparky was sniffing the ground ahead of them and sneezed. The Shinx shook his head and continued to sniff ((Imma have Ruben encounter the G.Slowpoke in my next post if that is ok with you XD))
((I don't mind ^^ do whatever you'd like, I may have Shade encounter her's along with yours so it can be a double battle??)) Shade Shade nodded at everything Ruben said taking it in when he said he was told by Giratina in a dream, "Woahh! You were asked by Giratina himself?? That's so cool!" She spoke, she thought then at the question he asked her. She went quiet, "I don't really know... I just had instinct of needing to come." She stayed quiet looking up at the small parts of blue through the forest a second passes before continuing, "And I'm always up for adventure," she gave a smile towards the male as she looked up into the forest once again. Coral gave a slight "vee" to the response of Shade, she loved traveling with Shade and this was more adventure with a whole different area, Sandy was new to her and the trainer, but was quickly accepted to the two and he also accepted them, they were a small perfect trio. Sandy tried copying what Sparky was doing but couldn't really smell anything due to his head being in the way. He couldn't wait to evolve, he's seen a Vibrava and Flygon before and couldn't wait to evolve and become stronger especially on this journey with the two. ((Sorry theirs is quite long -.-")) ((I also believe Shade got an Espurr and Xavier I made had the Albino Hoothoot)) Xavier The Hoothoot flew on the outside of the Ember dodging it, "Axew, use scratch on the regular, litwick smog and hide Axew." They did as he said, the dragon type waited as the two birds flew by each other above the smog and Axew jumped up, scratching the regular as the regular fell back into the weird frosty one. ((Imma make Xavier miss his Hoothoot here but the Hoothoot will follow and continue to bug him))
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SueSue's AvatarSueSue
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((yeah a double battle sounds awesome XD)) Ruben nodded when he had heard her reasoning for coming. Well her two reasons for coming. He honestly couldnt blame her, dispite the uncertainty and maybe a little fear that he currently had traversing to a new(well not new) world. A world that according to their deitiy and ansestors, were banished from because of the cruelty of another deity. He still felt a bit of excitment exploring new lands and learning new things that they didnt in their home. He vaguly wondered what kind of medical practices this new world had. If they were diffrent or the same as thier own. Ruben had to admit he couldnt wait to find that out. He had so many questions and wondered if he would ever be able to get them awnsered once they got their with out giving his group away. He hoped he could, the lack of new knowledge would drive him to insanity if he couldnt. Ruben opened his mouth about to say something but stopped and snapped his attention to Sparky who had stopped walking and was growling at the path ahead of them. The blue eyed teen stared at his partner for a moment then in front of them then back at his partner. "what is it Sparky??" Ruben asked. Just as he finished speaking the bushes in front of them to the right started shaking and a four legged pink and yellow creature waddled out. It gave a yawn, stopping just a few inches in front of the bush and turning its head to face the group. Ruben stared at the creature blinking as he took in its fetures and the name immediately came into mind "Thats a Galarian Slowpoke, whats it doing all the way out here. They're ususally hanging around lakes, beaches or other places with water"
((Great! I'm gonna do it when the Slowpoke gets hurt by Sparky if you guys plan on the battling tactic)) Shade Shade looked at the pokemon, it was cool. I mean, far away from where it should be, maybe, but it was cool to see one as she's see a Slowpoke but not of that form. She looked over to Ruben as Coral jumped off Shade's head and stood in a fighting stance just incase, "Maybe there's a pond nearby? I mean, if it normally hangs out by water a pond would be a reasonable reason as to why it's here." Sandy just sat, "Coral, come here." Coral kept her eyes on the Slowpoke before not seeing any harm at the moment as she turned to Shade and walked next to Sandy sitting down. She kepted glaring at the Slowpoke incase it were to try anything. Xavier The Hoothoots gave out a small cry as the fog cleared and they were flying, the regular was already turned around flying away, the icey blue colored gave a quick look at Xavier as Xavier was in a battle stance ready to continue the fight and call out moves but, yet, he didn't when he could've. The hoothoot the turned around as it flew away, Xavier wanted to catch the Hoothoot but understood he couldn't fight it while it flew away or else it could start a small fire due to the ghost types moves(Litwick). He looked at the two pokemon, Axew was slightly hurt due to the first battle but he seemed fine, the Litwick just seemed tired due to the moves it has used. "Alright guys, let's set up here. Axew, mind getting some sticks we can use to make a fire and meet up here?" The Axew gave off a slight noise as he let his guard down and went to find the sticks. Litwick glared at the forest making sure the Hoothoots weren't gonna come back as it then turned to Xavier waiting for it's commands. ((Gonna end it here for now as it's quite long as it is-))
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
((got it XD)) "yeah, you're right" Ruben said as he looked around. Was the slowpoke on its way toward the pond right now? looked like it. The teen looked back at the slowpoke. The psychic type pokemon was still staring at them. The more he thought about the pokemons typing and his profession the more he appealed to the idea of having an extra hand when moving a possiblely injured person using his Psychic ability. After a few more minutes Ruben reached into a pouch attached to his belt and took out a pokeball. He clicked the button in the middle of the ball and it grew in his hand. "A pokemon like slowpoke would really be a big help moving the injured with out jostling them or making their injuries worse. im going to catch it" he told Shade as he took aim and threw the pokeball. The slowpoke watched the ball and much to Rubens surprise it let out a sigh in its name sake and smacked the ball back to Ruben. The teen managed to catch it before it smacked him in the face. He blinked in surprise at the pokeball in his hand and then back at the Slowpoke. He only understood why the pink and yellow pokemon had done that when it turned to them fully and slid into a low crouch. A look of determination crossed its face as it stared them down. Sparky growled and crouched as well, ready to attack knowing full well what this pokemon wanted. Ruben smiled and nodded "alright Sparky, it wants to battle first, get ready to fight". The Shinx let out a growling cry as if agreeing with his trainer.
((Sorry for my lateness of a reply -.-")) Shade Shade stayed back knowing this was Ruben and Sparky's battle, Coral was ready to fight but she stood down knowing that Shade wouldn't have wanted her to battle. She didn't want to interrupt the energy being put in the battle so she turned and went to lean against a tree as she watched the battle. Coral stood infront of the female as Sandy stood next to the tree. After the battle Ruben pulled off with Sparky, Shade knew he had a high possibility of catching the salamander like pokemon. Xavier Xavier looked at the trees and then at the ghost type, he bent down, "Thank you..." He mumbled giving a slight smile to the ghost type as he reached a hand to it, it gave a happy smile as it then went off to get sticks just as well as the Axew, Xavier stood up looking around for a nice spot to set a fire, they needed to rest especially since it was getting light in the part of the forest he was at. He usually sleeps during the day and heads out during the night, it's more peaceful that way. He found a nice clear area just in the middle of the ruins, it was gonna be a nice spot. he started to set-up the small sleeping bag and blanket he had for him and the other two, the two pokemon laid on the decent sized blanket and he would sleep with the sleeping bag, they all prefered it that way.
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
"alright Sparky lest start this battle with a strong leer!" Ruben ordered as he kept his eyes on the battle in front of him. He hadnt noticed that Shade and her pokemon had moved away in order to give the pair some space. The Shinx gave a meicing roar and leered right at the slowpoke. Ruben knew it was a direct hit when the blue aura surronded the slowpoke. That was good, slowpokes were known to be, what people called, a tank. The less defence it had, the better their chances were at catching the pokemon. "now use tackle!" Ruben called and watched as his much faster pokemon reacted quicker and managed to land a hit on the pink pokemon. The Slowpoke was pushed back from the hit. She shook her head and scowled at the trainer and pokemon pair. Ruben became alert when the psychic type pokemon used a move called curse. It had a mencing Aura as it turned from purple to blue then much to his alarm orange. Remembering exactly what curse did for other type pokemon that were not ghost types. Ruben relized that the Slowpoke attack rose but its speed fell as a consequence. "Keep your eyes on it Sparky! dont let it hit you" Ruben cationed. The shinx backed up and watched the Slowpoke in front of them carefully. They didnt have to wait long because the Slowpoke charged using her own tackle. Again luckily for both Sparky and Ruben, the shinx was much faster and because of the Slowpokes reduced speed Sparky was even faster now. He was able to get out of the way of the Tackle and the moment the Slowpoke slamed into the tree Ruben told Sparky to use another tackle on the slowpoke while she was dazed. The second attack hit true and sent the Slowpoke skidding on her side.
Shade Shade watched intensely at the battle, she thought maybe she could get to know Ruben's style more, and Sparky's while watching the battle just incase they were to ever battle again, which was bound to happen. Just as the Slowpoke skid on her side a purple catlike pokemon jumped out from behind a bush, it scratched Sparky as it went to go help the Slowpoke up, they seemed to be friends but who knows. Coral jumped up at the sight of Sparky getting hit, she was ready to fight but Shade stopped her, "Let's give Sandy a chance." She said as she wanted to catch the purple pokemon, she stood up and Sandy jumped up in front, "Mind if we join you?" Shade asked walking up to the other two, the Espurr seemed strong, but not strong enough to seriously hurt Sparky with the one hit. The cat-pokemon helped the Slowpoke up and it turned to use Leer at the two. Xavier A few minutes pass by as he finished setting everything up, the Axew and Litwick could be heard carrying sticks, the fire type however, seemed to be carrying more twigs than sticks. Xavier laughed out a little as he went to grab the wood from the two, "Thank you," he spoke bending down and picking the wood up, the two pokemon went ahead and lied down on the blanket as Xavier set-up the wood in a campfire position, "Litwick, do you mind?" He asked looking at the fire type, it gave a noise as it shook it's head as he then used a small Ember making the fire light. The three looked at the fire as Xavier set up a bowl ontop and started making some food for the three. They didn't have much but they had enough to last awhile, atleast until they can find more food. The two pokemon just rested as they waited for the food to be done, smoke can be seen from atleast a mile away.
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
Sparky had been in the middle of using another Tackle attack. But was intrupted by the scratch that the new challanger attacked with. The shinx hissed as he jumped back. His face was covered with red scratches. Ruben hadnt seen that coming either so he was caught completely off gaurd when the new pokemon came out of no where and attacked Sparky. "are you alright sparky!?" the worried trainer asked. The electric type shook his head and called over his shoulder to his trainer signaling that he was fine. Ruben sighed and turned his attention to the two pokemon in front of them. He watched as the slowpoke happily accepted the purple like cats help. It let out a slow call in what one could assume was a thank you to the other pokemon before turing her attention back to the pair she had been fighting. Ruben realized that now they were fighting two pokemon. He bit his lip and looked over the details of the new pokemon. He went through information in his mind and finally realized what this pokemon was. It was an Esuprr, a Psychic type pokemon. This had turned into a double battle and Ruben knew that if he were to win he would need to bring out Wilbert. Just as he was reaching for his second pokeball though Shade came up to him and asked if she and her pokemon could join the battle. Ruben turned his attention to Shade and smiled "not at all" he chirped with a smile. He turned his attention back to the battle just in time to see the Espurr use Leer. That wasnt good, so now Sparky and Shades pokemon had low defence. He wished their was a way for him to rise that back up, but they had no moves or items that could help. For now Ruben decided to target one pokemon. "Sparky use tackle on the Slowpoke!" The Shinx growled and charged at the Slowpoke. He needed to be careful, espically since their defence was lowered and the Slowpokes attack was raised. They were relying on the Shinxs speed to out manouver the much bigger pokemon. Both the shinx and Slowpoke were locked in a evasive game of cat and mouse.
Shade Shade saw how messy the battle was getting, she wanted to help out Sparky, "Sandy, use Bite on the Espurr!" Just then the orange pokemon start, it would've been super effective due to the Espurr being a psychic and the move being a dark type move, she started to think of a way they could use their moves and be able to catch these two. Sandy used bite on the Espurr, but due to his speed he had missed and the purple cat used Scratch on him, he gave a cry out as he stumbled backwards, Shade looked worried, she couldn't think of a plan as this was the first time she has had a double battle with someone against wild pokemon. "Sandy you okay?" She yelled out to the pokemon, you could tell she was worried, not like how she battled when she did against Ruben and Sparky, Sandy nodded as he gave out a noise of him just getting started. She gave a slight smile towards him, she then looked around and tried to remember the moves Sparky has so they can work together instead of having it messy. ((Just gonna stick to the battle for now, will add Xaiver back soon))

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