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Return from the Void - RP Thread

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SueSue's AvatarSueSue
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"thats not a bad idea, maybe if we get to where we need to go tomarrow and get settled I'll get to trainning with Sparky" Ruben said as he reached over and gently took the Pokeball from Shade. He took note of the stuff that covered the pokeball as he placed it in the next indent to Sparkys pokeball. Once Ruben had secured the pokeballs, he looked down at a Keypad that was next to the device facing him. The teen pressed the enter button, cuasing a screen next to the key pad to light up. Quickly the teen pressed the buttons with one hand as he kept an eye on the screen, flashes of numbers and commands were being typed onto the screen. Finally Ruben pressed enter and watched as the lights turned green and the Pokeballs began to float. The device played the iconic tune that all Pokecenter machines made when they were healing pokemon. Once the pokemon in the balls had been healed the lights turned blue again and the Pokeballs gently floated back down onto the indents. Ruben picked up Corals pokeball first and handed it over to Shade "there all healed" he said with a shy smile, though this time he managed to hold eye contact with Shade.
"We could train together then! Me, Sandy and Coral could use more training and maybe a new pokemon if we're lucky!" Shade said excitetly as she wanted to make a new friend and explore the area more. She watched as the healing process happened and she was watching everything that happened, she found it interesting. She grabbed the pokeball once handed to her, and immediantly let Coral out, as she doesn't really like her pokeball, but will travel in it if nessicary. Coral sat in Shade's lap as Shade gave a slight smile back to Ruben, "Thank you!~" She sung, putting a hand on the normal type's head.
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SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
Ruben thought about the offer as Shade took back the pokeball and he himself grabbed Sparkys pokeball. Training togeather in a larger group would be more benifical for them. There was only so much he could do training by himself and Sparky. Though it would take a bit for the teen to find his confidence. But he was sure by the end of this mission he would be ready. Ruben put Sparkys pokeball down and nodded "yeah that sounds great" the teen said as he started to put the device on standby mode. Just in case an emergency happened and he needed to help a pokemon or person ASAP. "your welcome Shade, its my job" the teen stuttered
She waited for the teen to reply as she gave a small smile, "Perfect!" She said, more softly than last time, "Well we should get some rest if we wanna wake up early." Shade spoke standing up as Coral jumped on her shoulder. "I'll see ya in the morning!" She waved behind her as she continued to walk to her tent. Edit: Accidentally sent too soon-
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
Ruben nodded agreeing with Shade on the fact that they needed to rest. They had a big day tomarrow and they needed to be ready and well rested to travel. "See ya" he responded as he watched Shade go. After she had gotten to her tent safely the teen turned to his own and started to pull out his sleeping bag. It took him a few minutes to prepare his tent. Once everything was ready Ruben called out Sparky who seemed to be a little bit pouty from their loss. It only took a few treats and some scratches to get the electric type in a better mood. Once he fed both his pokemon, they all got ready for bed and piled into the tent. It took them no time at all to fall into a light sleep
She opened up her tent to see the small trapinch sleeping, Sandy immediantly looked up to see who walked in. He curled back up seeing it was Shade and Coral, Shade gave off a slight laugh looking at the sleeping pokemon, since they ate only a little before she didn't want to feed them, also because it was right before she slept. Coral jumped off Shade's shoulder as Shade closed her tent using the zipper she went and got into her sleeping bag. Coral then got ontop of the sleeping bag, curled up on Shade's stomach, as Sandy laid next to them.
poké0827's Avatarpoké0827
poké0827's Avatar
(Tried my best not to make this sound too wooden, not sure if it worked, through. ^^')
Lina watched as the dust settled and the Eevee was revealed to have won. She was impressed by the way the Eevee used the terrain, as well as the Shinx's durability. But as much as she wanted to congratulate both trainers on the awesome battle, she didn't want to suddenly butt into their conversation. The Ralts at Lina's side gave a yawn, interrupting her thoughts. She looked up at the sky, stars faintly visible in the violet mist. "Aw, Sonata." She took a small blanket from her bag, wrapping it around the Psychic-type's shoulders. "I guess we should head to bed soon." She said. The three of them headed for her tent. Her Woobat, however, still seemed wide awake. "You're not tired, Vivaci?" Vivaci shook her head, a determined gleam in her eye. "You can head to bed when you're ready, OK?" Lina said. The bat chirped, standing (floating?) guard beside the tent. Lina and Sonata went inside, the Ralts falling asleep soon after. Lina stayed up a little while longer, looking at the stars through the open tent.
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Ryko Eon's AvatarRyko Eon
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As the rest of the group bunked down for the 'night', Mercei stayed up for quite a while longer, between her job and raising her offspring, sleep was something she'd learned to go without for extended periods of time, she stayed up for one purpose: Chart the approximate skies at this particular spot, she'd do this every time they stopped going forward, until she eventually crashed and burned for a night, was it healthy to exist like that? No. Was it just how she was? Yes. Morning came, and Mercei was up and about long before the rest of the group, she'd already shrunk her tent and it's contents down into the capsule, and was currently doing her own form of training with the Cubone, which involved her dodging club swings and getting it to improve it's accuracy, the next person to wake up would do so to quite a sight, the grown woman doubled over on her knees, clutching her gut as she finally got hit by a swipe, the critter holding the bone in a backwards grip, unable to remove it from it's owners stomach.
SueSue's AvatarSueSue
SueSue's Avatar
Ruben had been the second person to get up. He was an early riser due to having to get up early when he was studying as a medical student and when he had to volenteer at a hospital and pokemon center as part of his studies. The young man yawned and streatched as he took a bit of time getting out of his sleeping bag. Once he was out the medic woke his two pokemon up and got them all ready for the day. His pokemon where the first to leave the tent while Ruben folded their sleeping bags and started packing the blankets and sleeping bags into his backpack. Imagin his surprise when Sparky ran in shouting in alarm and running out of the tent. The young man grew alarmed becuase Sparky only did that when there was an emergency. Quickly Ruben grabbed his doctors bag and a first aid kit he had in his backpack and ran out of the tent. When he stepped out he saw exactly what has caused Sparky to raise the alarm. Mercei was clutching her stomach where a Cubones club was pressed against. Though from his angle it looked like the bone had stabbed her. Immediately Ruben kicked it in high gear as he ran over to where Mercei and her Cubone were at. Sparky leading the way and Wilbert following at a more slower pace.
D6mian's AvatarD6mian
D6mian's Avatar
*Thoth is a light sleeper and doesn't sleep much because of years of military service, so when he heard the Cubone training then the yells of Sparky he instantly awoke*Thoth"Sno get up someone's hurt we need to help"*He looks around see Mercei hunched over and Ruben, Sparky and Wilbert running over to her. He points*"Over their Sno ans Storm let's go and see what we can do too help." *Thoth also grabs some protein and energy pellets that humans and pokemon can consume and runs over with Sno and Storm following behind*"What can I do too help"*Thoth asks Ruben, as he also had Sno make a Ice chunck incase they needed it for any bruising. He also hands the trainer and her pokemon some food so they can eat a bit while he waits for Ruben too say what he needs*
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