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[💰] UFT : s/a/d etc

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yööns's Avataryööns
yööns's Avatar
i need to clear these fields out! taking current + SLE
5,000 = 5 = 1 = 100 [NUFT] if display doesnt look like this, its not mine anymore~





regular s/a are dp, if you need help with pricing let me know~ tillink = 20 equiv tillink snow combees= 35 equiv selkrub = 25 equiv selkrub = 40 equiv regular totems = 50 equiv albino totems = 50zc + dp legends = price in name, if theres no price PWYW deltas = PWYW fossils = 10zc equiv everything else should have a price in the name!
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Arahkan's AvatarArahkan
Arahkan's Avatar
Could I snag 2 Shiny Tillink and 3 Shiny Selkrub for 575 GP? ;w; I think. If my math is correct
Azelas's AvatarAzelas
Azelas's Avatar
Hey there! could I please buy him for zc? ^^
Reshiram - all natures
Zacian - all natures
Zamazenta - all natures
Glastrier - all natures
Spectrier - all natures
Shinorin - all natures
Kenyip/Arfrica/Kalahowli - all natures
{Shop} - {PM Friendly}
White Stone
60/100 Future Reshiram Hunt!
StarryFlower's AvatarStarryFlower
StarryFlower's Avatar
This Pokémon is so cute let me know when you accept items for it https://pokefarm.com/summary/GJQ_b
yööns's Avataryööns
yööns's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by StarryFlower

This Pokémon is so cute let me know when you accept items for it https://pokefarm.com/summary/GJQ_b
oops sent the trade before i saw the edit, i wont be selling for items any time soon since im not in need of any!
Arahkan's AvatarArahkan
Arahkan's Avatar
Forgive me, I saw Shiny Mega's and had to come back ;w; Could I get the following for ZC please! Shiny Mega Hawlucha Shiny Mega Kangaskhan Shiny Mega Audino Shiny Mega Gogoat Shiny Mega Furret (If the other person doesn't offer Currency for it ;w;) All for 160 ZC? ;w;
yööns's Avataryööns
yööns's Avatar
Abyssal's AvatarAbyssal
Abyssal's Avatar
can I snag the Alcremie shiny delta for 600 gp
Veggiesaur's AvatarVeggiesaur
Veggiesaur's Avatar
Can I buy this one for 20zc? ^^
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QuirkyRabbit's AvatarQuirkyRabbit
QuirkyRabbit's Avatar
Could I get a shiny Selkrub and albino Tilink? Any gender/nature is fine as long as it doesn't have "any" preference
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