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Pentatonia's AvatarPentatonia
Pentatonia's Avatar
As title says. I once again have some full FREE fields that you can take anything from, as many as you want, within reason. Leave a message and I'll do my best to send it to you ASAP.* *=Keep it in mind that I have no Trade Items, so I can only send out 5 Pokémon at max. I'll do my best to respond the moment you write, but it still can take sime time.
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TotallyEdge's AvatarTotallyEdge
TotallyEdge's Avatar
Hi! Could i please have a Galar Zapdos (no preference) and This baby? :D
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Morzone's AvatarMorzone
Morzone's Avatar
Hello! Could I get this lovely girl? https://pokefarm.com/summary/thxQk
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dreamdweller's Avatardreamdweller
dreamdweller's Avatar
hi! could i get a zygarde core and a galarian zapdos? maybe a snowpoke aswell. it's fine if not! :]
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GamingWStarry's AvatarGamingWStarry
GamingWStarry's Avatar
hello! can i get an galar zapdos and a zygarde? for zapdos no preference!
Roxion's AvatarRoxion
Roxion's Avatar
If they're still available, may I please request this quirky Zapdos?
inkmonkun's Avatarinkmonkun
inkmonkun's Avatar
if none of these guys have been grabbed, could i grab these fellows? also i can lend you a few trade expansions if you'd like, that way you can send my giant list over quicker :0) snowpoke m snowpoke m snowpoke m snowpoke m snowpoke m snowpoke f snowpoke f snowpoke f snowpoke f snowpoke f vulpix vulpix vulpix goomy hydrark thanks so much!
funky guy - 18 - any pronoun i have free fields! pms always open, we can talk about anything! :0) very forgetful, please remind me in pms if I forget anything!
Zerobold's AvatarZerobold
Zerobold's Avatar
I know this guy isn't free but could I snag this Water Delta Bulbasaur for 25k?
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