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Haunting Hour: A Ghost Type Clan

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AngelOShadows's AvatarAngelOShadows
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This is Haunting Hour: A Ghost Type Clan! We are a clan of people brought together by our love of Ghost Types. You may refer to me as Angel! I plan to have monthly discussions, team hunts, and S/A/M races. I am also opened to suggestions as the clan grows! Directory:
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  2. Activities
  3. Members
  4. Freebies

Rules & Guidelines

Make sure to follow the Site Rules at all times.
  1. Only discuss topics related to the clan, this is a discussion topic for ghost types!
  2. Please subscribe, otherwise you won't be notified of any new posts.
  3. Be respectful and kind, this clan is welcoming to everyone. There should be no discrimination here.
  4. Use the forms, they make it easier to organize everything and make things look more uniform.
  5. Credit all art you post here, pinterest and google don't count as credit!
  6. Don't put yourself down, it can be really hard for people to respond to self put-downs, as it doesn't really add much to the conversation. Instead, pick out something you like from what you made, or comment on what you'd like to improve! Please no generic "This/I suck" comments.
Rules are subject to change, changes will be announced.
The current discussion is

QUOTE originally posted by Gengirl

Which do you think are the spookiest Pokemon that are not actually ghost type?
Bye. If you need me find me on Toyhouse @ AngelOShadows
©urrent icon aibou
AngelOShadows's AvatarAngelOShadows
AngelOShadows's Avatar

User Hunts

Need help deciding what to hunt? Please PM me the form under the ongoing hunts!

Poll Form

[b]Choices:[/b] What Pokemon do you want people to vote between? [b]Poll Longevity:[/b] The max amount of time is 1 week.


AngelOShadows's AvatarAngelOShadows
AngelOShadows's Avatar

Signup Form

[b]Preferred Name:[/b] What would you like to be called? [b]Pronouns:[/b] All pronouns are accepted, we don't discriminate here. [b]Choice of Roles:[/b] There's a selection of roles you can choose from! [b]Primary Role:[/b] What do you want to mainly be 'known' for? [b]Links:[/b] Do you have a shop, journal, or anything else (on-site) that you'd like to link? [b]Ghost Type Hoard?:[/b] Do you hoard, or plan to hoard any Ghost Type Pokemon? [b]Anything else?:[/b] Anything else you'd like to add! Like do you have a favorite Ghost Type? Or perhaps Ghost Type OCs or trainer OCs that specialize in that typing? (You can put anything here, those were just examples.)


Preferred Name: Any variation of my Username! Pronouns: Any pronouns! Choice of Roles: Greeter, storyteller Primary Role: Greeter! Links: Shop & Journal Ghost Type Hoard?: Not at the moment! Anything else?: I absolutely love ghost types! The character on my profile is actually a Ghost Type Trainer OC I own!


You don't need a role to keep your place in the clan! These are just for fun.
Greeter: Greets any new members who join the clan Breeder: Provides breeding pairs to anyone who need them Evolver: Helps level up and evolve with other members Hunter: Hunting specific Pokémon Creator: Makes FTU things, whether story or art, for the clan. Discussant: Provides and suggests discussion topics every so often. Battler: Makes a team of ghost-types & battles people with them!
Clicklist - Members - Evolver List
Any variation of UN
Asym Greeter
Ame Creator
Gengirl Discussant
Unity System
Signs off w/ preferred name
Lanna Creator
Apple Creator
Kala Greeter
Calipso Hunter
Detsu Hunter
Any variation of UN
Cattafang Creator
Cherry Creator
Ashe Breeder
PikaTwo Undecided
Tay Undecided
Spirit Undecided
Snake Hunter
Mystics Breeder
Or Von
Coyote Hunter
Ash Hunter
Or Banette
Carl Undecided
Mala Greeter
AngelOShadows's AvatarAngelOShadows
AngelOShadows's Avatar


Feel free to reply to the thread with any of your own Ghost Pokemon you'd like to be a mascot here!


art + credit as tip bbcode
by Unwrittenfox
art + credit as tip bbcode
art + credit as tip bbcode
art + credit as tip bbcode
art + credit as tip bbcode

FTU Templates


FTU Icons

By AngelOShadows, official art used*
Click link for a gallery of all icons

Clan Banners

banner + credit as tip bbcode
by AngelOShadows
by Bøssfiight
by Bøssfiight
by Bøssfiight
by Bøssfiight
AngelOShadows's AvatarAngelOShadows
AngelOShadows's Avatar
Preferred Name: Any variation of my UN! Pronouns: Any pronouns :D! Choice of Roles: I'm the clan leader! Links: I have a journal! Ghost Type Hoard?: Not at the moment! Anything else?: My profile is based off of my ghost type trainer OC! Feel free to PM me if you need anything.
AsymDoll13's AvatarAsymDoll13
AsymDoll13's Avatar
Preferred Name: Asym or Sym Pronouns: She/Her; They/Them Choice of Roles: Greeter? Primary Role: Um... I dunno? xD I'm cool with anything. Links: I have links to my shop in my about me. Ghost Type Hoard?: I used to hoard Mismagius... Now it's Murkrow (which I know aren't ghost but...) Anything else?: Not that I can think of at the moment, but... ya know. xD
Type Race (Fairy): 541 Icon is Yeonjun from TxT. Not my image, but it's from a music vid. ^^ Here thar be Dragons
AngelOShadows's AvatarAngelOShadows
AngelOShadows's Avatar
Welcome back :D!! Thank you for joining!
bunnycore's Avatarbunnycore
bunnycore's Avatar
Preferred Name: ame, or bunny ^^ Pronouns: he/they Choice of Roles: hunter & creator if thats oki Primary Role: creator Links: my main art shop, and my adopt/customs shop! Ghost Type Hoard?: anyone from the gengar evolution line :> Anything else?: these pokémon can be mascots if you’d like!
pokemon sprites by pokemon & conyjams on deviantart trainer sprite by dynamight
by simonpetrikov
icon art by me
AngelOShadows's AvatarAngelOShadows
AngelOShadows's Avatar
Hello, and welcome back :D! Thank you for joining!
Gengirl's AvatarGengirl
Gengirl's Avatar
Oh, we gotta sign up again? Ok. Will edit the form into this post in a bit. one day later... Preferred Name: Gengirl or Gen Pronouns: She/her Choice of Roles: Discussant Primary Role: Discussant Links: No specific links, I just have UFT fields Ghost Type Hoard?: Hoards are expensive so I mainly stick to my pink Pokemon collection. I love special deltas too! Anything else?: Gengar and Mimikyu are my main mascots and my forum picture is my OC.
Credit to my bff CorvidsAiden for my avatar!

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