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Jolts (Fakemon and Pokemon FF)

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This is NOT one-shot! Please do not comment until I say "The end". Sparkit woke up, feeling dazed. she lifted her small head and tried to stand, but helplessly fell down. "Mama?" She squeaked pitifully. Sparkit was a small kitten, an electric type. Sparkits pelt was glossy and yellow, with soft blue eyes. She was 5 weeks old, and dependent on her mother. Sparkit tried to heave herself up, and finally prevailed. She slowly ambled through the forest. Pain sliced through her back. Sparkit wailed as a Mightyena snarled at her. Squeaking, Sparkit cried; "Im sorry Mr Mightyena please don't hurt m-!" The Mightyena picked her up and tossed her over Gorse, Saplings and she finally landed... in a pond. Sparkit flailed, gasping for air as she occasionally broke the surface.. she closed her eyes, embracing the water as fight seeped out of her body... Suddenly, strength gushed through her. Sparkit opened her eyes. She was glowing! Her yellow fur plumed and sparked, as some of he fur went blue. She grew bigger, and got... gills? She inhaled sharply... She could breathe. But the Mightyena was standing over the pond, snarling still. She clambered out, she had evolved! Triumph surged through her... "Thundovish!" Sparkit snarled. Thundovish? The first thing Pokemon usually say when they evolve was their name. "I am Thundovish now, leave me alone!" Thundovish snarled furiously. "I am Mightyena." The Mightyena rolls their eyes. "Now get off of my Territory!"The Mightyena lunged at Thundovish. Thundovishs pelt bristled and static blazed through her fur, increasing her attack power. Thundovish roared and a bolt of lightning struck Mightyena and it fainted instantly. Thundovish ran, leaping over bushes until she found a Pokemon, and that Pokemon looked oddly similar to someone she had seen before.. But who was it? "Sparky?" The Thundovish-In-Questioning asked.. "What? Only my Mama called me Sparky...?" Thundovish, named Sparky thought, as realisation surged through her body.. "Mama?" Sparky ran towards the Thundovish-Now-No-Longer-In-Questioning, her heart lifting.

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