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⚡Team Gigavolt Havoc (Electric)

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QUOTE originally posted by FloydLeech

Anyone else having a super hard time finding eggs in the shelter? Either way ive hatched a bunch of albinos this race, so I'm super happy. Good luck y'all !
yeah, even with QoL. Ive only hatched a shiny and an albino so far...
Morzone's AvatarMorzone
Morzone's Avatar
Yeah I've been having trouble finding eggs in the shelter too. Not too much that I can't fill up my party but it takes longer than I would like. I've hatched 4 albinos so far, 2 mareep, one joltik, and one galarian stunfisk I grabbed cause I needed the eggdex for it. (which means I got an albino literally the first time I hatched one lol)
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Loey Love's AvatarLoey Love
Loey Love's Avatar
I'm also having a big problem finding electric eggs at the shelter. I have to refresh like 10 times to get one egg
kalegrape's Avatarkalegrape
kalegrape's Avatar
yeah it seems like there's defs a lack of eggs. i suppose im not helping much, I'm just breeding my galv. wooper eggs ^^; i could probably stick another pair in later today once i do my daily woop eggs
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Sen-ku's AvatarSen-ku
Sen-ku's Avatar
I'm finding Pichu eggs just fine.
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If you have any spare, I'll gladly take them off your hands. Just PM me :)
kalegrape's Avatarkalegrape
kalegrape's Avatar
finally got a galv. wooper special!
HipsterTrash's AvatarHipsterTrash
HipsterTrash's Avatar
Hi I've changed my hunt to Shinx, just wanted to let y'all know so you can change it, even if it's like. Over in two days
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Ice Queen's AvatarIce Queen
Ice Queen's Avatar
Who did I borrow a shelter pass star from? I forgot and I'd like to return it
credit: GnarleyQuinn
jExSPectral's AvatarjExSPectral
jExSPectral's Avatar
If you haven't made a lot of trades you can check the trade history under farm -> nearby places-> trade center-> history
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Vampara's AvatarVampara
Vampara's Avatar
You borrowed it from me. You don't have to return it until the end of the race, though.

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