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That's unnecessary. You can even share devices if you need to. Just stay off each other's accounts and you're fine. Enjoy the visit! ^^
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Hello! I know the general rule about sprite usage and all. For example, when using an official sprite from Pokemon games in buttons that's perfectly fine, as credit can simply be put "official sprite (c) Gamefreak / Nintendo" but what is the stance on official sprites touched up by art staff? Such as Unova sprites getting anatomy / shading adjustments? would we need to go through the sprite permission form and wait for an okay, or are we free to use them similar to untouched official sprites? :o I'm using a Unova normal sprite for a button, but it has been edited by staff to have higher quality and I'm just wanting to make sure of things.
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Hi! I was wondering if I could make OCs based on the Pokefarm exclusives ^^'
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how long does it take to hear from a support ticket? Also along side of that how would we hear a response?
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QUOTE originally posted by SecretlyAMermaid

how long does it take to hear from a support ticket? Also along side of that how would we hear a response?
Time Frame depends on staff and what the inquiry is about. The Wiki states this: "The email address provided will only be used to provide the user's Ticket ID, and to inform the user of replies to their Support Ticket. In conjunction with the Ticket ID sent to the user, it will allow the user to access their Support Tickets." If I remember right you also receive a notification but it has been awhile since I sent in a ticket tbh.
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I can see that the matter you're inquiring about has been moved along, but I will answer anyway for posterity. ^_^ ValleryP has the right of how you will hear back - a notice is sent to the email on file, and a notification will show on-site if the ticket was sent while logged in. As for response time, it depends on:
  1. How many (workable; not needing to be waited on) tickets are in the queue ahead of yours.
  2. Whether or not your ticket needs to be escalated to a higher rank - Moderator, Manager, or Admin in that order.
  3. Whether or not your ticket needs a staff member who is better at a particular specialisation.
    • Example: Suriya is sometimes called in as our trade specialist for complex trade-related issues. She's very good at sifting through and figuring out precisely what the binding agreement is, and is extremely familiar with the procedures for rulebreaks of this type. If it's not a cut and dry issue, we may call in Suriya and wait for her advice or assistance.
  4. How many moderators are currently available and currently able to assist.
    • This is bearing in mind that we are volunteers who work when we are able.
    • A few of us are also away at the moment dealing with real-life issues, so there may very well be delays right now.
I hope this helps!
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Hi! Possibly a weird question, but I'm curious, would it be alright to draw a pfp based off of the bonus counters' icons (as in drawing a different pokemon in a similar style) or would that be inappropriate for a user to do since they're special for staff? edit: I did realize after a bit that they're styled after PMD, so my guess is that it would be fine, but I might as well ask regardless!
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That's fine! We don't own the PMD-style portrait format or anything, please feel free to do that. :]
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Hello! Is art that depicts a character smoking allowed on site, or would that be against the site rules? Would it be ok if it were to be shared through PMs only? Thank you for your time ^^

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It is not okay, even through PMs. Thank you for asking before showing such depictions!

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